What To Look For In A Sunscreen. What's the Best Type of Sunscreen?

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Hello everybody Dr. Janine Krause here. Just with one of my quick tips. So it’s a sunny day in the neighborhood and one of the big questions that I always get asked from my patients is what do I wear for sunscreen? What’s the best type of sunscreen? so here I am with my sunscreen. This is Eminence brand. It’s a brand from Hungary. It’s a great brand. You can see I use it a lot. Not much too left here. Zinc oxide, want to have that in your sunscreen and octinoxate those are some big guys there that you want. This one in particular has 4.5% of zinc oxide and 6% of octinoxate. These are biggies for making sure that you are blocking out those harmful rays of the sun. Now sunblock has gotten a bad rap lately and a lot of people are like i’d rather just not where it because the toxins. Well guess what? Make sure it has zinc oxide, octinoxate and no parabens.  So no methyl parabens and that kind of stuff. I even avoid Paba too because you just don’t know. So a nice clean simple moisturizer and sunblock. Eminence Organics, this one is, its brand, not brand its name is read current protective moisturizer this is what I use it’s a great product. Blocks out all kinds of sunrays and amazing stuff, but zinc oxide and octinoxate are what you want to look for and you want to avoid parabens. You want to avoid Paba, And you want to avoid any sodium laurteh sulfate and any artificial fragrances because those can be toxic to your skin. That’s your quick tip for today. Wear your sunblock. 30 SPF is probably pretty good for the average individual. If you have really sensitive skin you could go up to 50, but 30 seems to work really great and just keep putting it on their because that will help you to look younger than age gracefully. Dr. Janine Krause you’re quick tip

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