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Hey everybody It’s Doctor Jannine Krause here with your tip of the day.  Today happens to be Valentine’s Day and what a better way to share the love than take care of you yourself a little bit and love yourself.  In Ayurveda there’s something called abayanga a great friend of mine Pamela Higley helped me to learn about this it takes a little bit of essential oils in sesame oil and you take that oil and warm it and you apply it to your skin and you gently move in a very very gentle pattern it’s much like lymphatic drainage.  If you haven’t heard of lymphatic drainage, it is a very very gentle message and it  seems like you’re not doing anything, but what you are doing is helping to move the lymphatic tissue in your elbow up into your shoulder and moving it down towards the heart for the body to deal with it.  Now also you can do this on the other side as well just the same kind of thing here.  Now as you are doing this… the warm oil just Feel nice and warm especially on a cold and rainy day.  It’s a little rainy out there, but, you just take these oils and you move from your extremities up towards your heart.  You can do this from your feet up to your waist.  If you’ve got some feet that are starting to swell or ankles that are swelling, its amazing for that.  You can also work from your chin down.  Now some of the estheticians that I work with might be cringing right now because they’re gonna say I’m making those wrinkles go down further.  I’m moving very gentle.  Wanting to get that lymphatic flow going.  Our lymph system is key to our immune system and if we keep the lymphatic system moving and stimulated we are better able to fight off cold and flues.  We’re also better to deal with pain.  You might notice that today I’ve got a little bit of some lines under my eyes, and so moving like this I can do little turns like this and moving things up and then back down.  Why? Because you can stimulate even the lymphatic in your face, in your chin and underneath here.  You’ve got a lot of lymph nodes in your neck area and underneath your chin that deal with all the creepy crawly’s on a daily basis.  Now anyone that has thyroid issues this is excellent.  Why? Because you are moving stuff away from that thyroid.  You’re allowing it to cleanse itself a little bit.  Studies have shown that the more lymphatic drainage you do on a daily basis for yourself the more your immune system works better so your able to fight off colds and flues, but also less pain and less cellulite.  Ladies.  Less cellulite.  Less bingo arms.  Less all kinds of skin conditions as well.  So it keeps your skin and your collagen nice and strong.  So this is a great anti aging technique in addition to pain relieving technique and in addition to swelling alleviating and immune fighter.  So, try loving yourself a little bit more today with a little bit of a lymphatic massage.  I do this every single day.  I even do it morning and evening, whenever you have time.  It’s a great way to love yourself.  Alright.  Thanks for joining me.  have a great day.

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