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Dr. Krause Hosts a weekly podcast, The Health Fix, that offers uncomplicated, honest research, advice and assistance to her listeners.  Join other health junkies getting their health fix and stay up to date on trends, what’s new & getting results in the alternative health industry.

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Dr. Krause is on a mission to teach you how to own your health and become your own best doctor.

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Dr. Jannine Krause takes the conversation from the podcast into her Facebook group.  Jump in on Q&A’s, share & learn on a variety of health topics focused on becoming your own best doctor.

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Information you need to put your hormones in check, balance your gut microbiome, manage stress effectively, stay fit for life & age gracefully.


Calling all health junkies looking for their fix of tools, products, & programs to become their own best doctors so they can feel amazing for life!

About Me

I’m a doctor of naturopathic medicine, an acupuncturist & a podcaster, who practices online & in Tacoma, WA. I’m on a mission to help people transform their health by teaching them how to become their own best doctors.  Let’s face it, the medical system is broken and if you don’t own your health you’ll be lost amongst the masses.  Stress is a huge factor that affects every aspect of your health and is at the root of gut microbiome shifts that affect how well you age, your hormones and metabolism.  Unfortunately, it is what keeps you from sticking with healthy routines and messes with your mind, creating a recipe that speeds up that aging process.  I believe that health starts with what you eat, what you drink, the air you breathe, how you move and how well you manage stress. I want to help you prevent little health issues from becoming big ones down the road.  There’s a lot of health information available out there, I’m here to help you focus on what’s important and sustainable for you.

Dr. Krause In The Spotlight

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What Are People Saying About Dr. Krause?

Dr. Krause has added so much to my life! She helped diagnose an injury that all other doctors were unable to identify and played a key roll in helping me recover quickly from surgery that followed. She changed my views on medicine as she made me feel heard by the medical world for the first time in my life and she works so diligently to treat her patients as individuals!

Melissa J

Dr. Krause is the best! I’ve been seeing her for well over 6 years, for continued overall wellness, specific treatment strategies, and acupuncture, alike! She’s helped me navigate and heal through several specific, but very different health concerns over the years. She was able to identify a very strange and unlikely allergy creating a horrible reaction on my lips, and through the process of discovering this particular allergy identified other allergies and food sensitivities that have helped me stay reaction free, drastically reducing inflammation and gut issues! She’s helped me recover from my 3rd knee surgery/2nd ACL replacement, using her expertise in sports related therapies to increase my mobility and help me get back to my favorite activities! Over the years, whenever an unexpected health-related situation has arisen she’s been readily available and incredibly responsive in order to help alleviate and heal the scenario, with natural and focused approaches. She is thoughtful, kind, caring and compassionate, and always understands the ebbs and flows of life. She’s my #1 go -to for anything wellness-related, and I absolutely love her natural approach to healing the mind and body! You couldn’t ask for a better ally and Dr. in the field of health and wellness – can’t recommend her enough!

Laura L

Dr. Krause’s microneedling with PRP is amazing!  I had really visible forehead and smile lines that bothered me and now I can barely tell they are there!  I also took her digestive course along with starting her microneedling with PRP protocol and I think the two together are the secret to my fabulous skin.  My skin is extremely sensitive and I did well with the treatment.  If you are looking to slow down the signs of aging and you have sensitive skin I highly recommend trying PRP microneedling with Dr. Krause.

Melinda T

I’ve been working with Dr. Krause since 2014. Dr. Krause has helped me recover from multiple injuries resulting from competing in professional tennis. I owe a lot of my quality of life without pain from a lifetime of sports to Dr. Krause. Dr. Krause is as knowledgeable as anyone I’ve met about the human body. Furthermore, through hormone optimization; as well as, pain relief modalities Dr. Krause has helped me maximize physical and mental performance. As I’ve transitioned away from athletics and into daily normal life, Dr. Krause continues to help me perform at my best. I highly recommend to anyone Dr. Krause if you’re looking for increasing physical and mental performance, looking for pain relief, and improving general health to live a long fruitful life.

Jeff H

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