About Dr. J.

who is Doctor J?
Naturopath (Bastyr grad 2007). Outdoor-lover. Person who can’t sit still.

I thought it was normal to be more fatigued over 30, that athletic performance declined naturally and there was nothing you could do but use caffeine to keep going. 

Sure, there were plenty of things I could do to slow down the external signs of aging.

But the internal… I had to grin and bear it. 

That was until I realized that fatigue wasn’t the only sign of aging slowing me down.

Almost overnight, my underarms became jiggly and my normally flat belly had an unfamiliar pooch that spilled over my workout pants, no matter how high I pulled those suckers up.

My concentration and focus were off and I was beginning to question if I had dementia or ADD.

The customary post-workout muscle soreness wasn’t going away after a few days.

But what scared me the most was that I’d lost confidence in my athletic abilities. 

I used to leap out of the car at a trailhead filled with excitement, now I had a low level of anxiety brewing in my chest as to how this adventure was about to go. 

Could I make it up and down?

Yes, I could push through, but how slow would I be and how much would I hold up my friends?

Would there be tears?

Maybe it’s best if I just stayed home.

This wasn’t like me and if you’re reading this, I’m betting it isn’t like you either. 

But when I went to my doctor to see what was up,  I was told…

“This is normal for your age, get used to it!” 

No labs to look at my hormones, thyroid, or even cellular function. 

Just a referral for an eating disorder clinic and a recommendation to try yoga. 


Really? Are you kidding me?

I’m telling you… I’m super tired, I’m gaining weight despite watching my diet, my skin has weird spots all over it, I feel like I’m losing my mind, and this is normal?

Not in my world. 

Me not handling rejection well…

That set me on my mission to figure out what was really going on. 

For myself and other women just like me. 

I dove deep into figuring out what it takes to have all-day energy, a fired up metabolism, mental balance, amazing skin, and incredible athletic performance at any age.

Turns out my years of late nights catching up on work, crack-of-dawn workouts on caloric restriction, and a few marathons in the mix had crashed my thyroid and adrenals while seriously jacking up my hormones.

It took a few years with a lot of trial and error to finally sleuth out what was going on in my body. But I did it.

I was so excited by what I discovered, began sharing it with my friends and patients at my naturopathic clinic.

And when they started to get results too, I knew it was time to share my formula with other women who were struggling.

I’ve used my Reset, Rebalance and Re-imagine formula to help hundreds of women sleuth out what’s accelerating their aging so they can get back to having all-day energy, a fired up metabolism and confidence in their bodies again. 

Despite what modern medicine may have you thinking…

…You do have control over how well you age.

You can get stronger as you get older!

And you don’t have to be a celebrity or win the genetic jackpot to do this!

You just have to want to change. And if you’re willing to put in the work, my Reset, Rebalance and Re-imagine formula will help you reclaim the best version of yourself.

So…are you ready to find out what’s got you off your game?

Let’s do this!

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