Ep 081: Be Your Own Digestive Specialist: What’s Causing Your Stomach Pain?

Stomach pain is a common reason for going to the doctor and in some cases the ER. Most of the time stomach pain resolves itself with time but what causes it? For a lot…
June 7, 2018

What’s The Best Type Of Sunscreen? What To Look For In Your Sunscreen | Quick Tip Video Series

[Audio Transcript] Hello everybody Dr. Janine Krause here. Just with one of my quick tips. So it’s a sunny day in the neighborhood and one of the big questions that I always get asked…
February 18, 2016

How To Improve Your Immune System | Abayanga Lymphatic Massage

[Audio Transcript] Hey everybody It’s Doctor Jannine Krause here with your tip of the day.  Today happens to be Valentine’s Day and what a better way to share the love than take care of…
February 15, 2016

Quick Tip | Planks With Your Pet | Video

PLANKS [Video Transcript] Hey everybody Doctor Krause here in my basement gym gonna show you the tip of the day Don’t forget about planks They’re great for you core The stronger your core is…
February 13, 2016

How Breathing Helps Reduce Stress | Quick Tips Video Series

[Video Transcript] Hello Everybody.  It’s Doctor Jannine Krause and here I am with your first quick tip.  Breathing.  It’s huge, its free, but most of us don’t do it effectively.  Yes, we breath because…
February 11, 2016

DocjkrauseND | Quick Tips Video Series

Doctor Krause introduces her video series with natural, healthy living tips to help keep you on track.
February 11, 2016