Are you sick of feeling like a medical mystery with chronic pain, skin rashes, increasing food sensitivities, recurrent sinus infections, headaches, and fatigue? Are you wondering why your body is revolting against you? Perhaps you’ve been to many doctors and none of them have come up with an answer to your ailments. There’s a lot of eye-opening research that points to one root cause for all of these ailments! That common cause is known as leaky gut or intestinal permeability. The term leaky gut refers to separations between the cells of the gut lining due to chronic irritation. The health of your digestive system depends on the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, the quality of the protective lining throughout your entire digestive system, how well you manage stress, the medications that you’re taking and what you’re eating. How well you treat your digestive system predicts how well you age.

What is Leaky Gut and How Can You Stop It?

Leaky gut is essentially what it sounds like, the leaking of molecules from inside the digestive system across into the bloodstream! The gut’s protective mucosal lining is like a bouncer in a club it screens everything that enters our body from viruses, bacteria, molds, chemicals, medications to food particles and determines whether to bring them across into the bloodstream or to destroy or eliminate them. Unfortunately, due to chronic stress, overuse of antibiotics, pain medications, toxins in the environment and in food, keeping the gut lining from irritation and subsequent degradation is tricky. Leaky gut is a silent process that allows for food molecules, toxins, viruses, bacteria and molds, among other things to pass into the bloodstream where your immune system recognizes all of these foreign agents, that shouldn’t be in the bloodstream, as threats and initiates an immune response to attack these invaders. Once this process has been going on for some time you start to experience increased food sensitivities, rashes, itching, sinus congestion, pain and fatigue as the immune system goes on hyper alert as if you’re constantly fighting an illness.
So, what can you do about leaky gut? How do you keep your gut lining healthy and strong? You first have to start with your gut microbiome, your gut bugs. Your gut bugs live on your gut lining and can serve as police surveillance for your gut. Working to keep your gut bugs healthy is similar to taking care of a garden. Your gut bugs like to be fed, weeded and given nutrient rich soil, aka neighborhoods, to set up their homes. In order to have healthy populations of good gut bugs you have to maintain your gut “soil” aka your mucosal lining, while weeding, feeding and seeding your good gut bugs.

It Takes More Than Probiotics to Stop Leaky Gut

If you are like most you run to grab probiotics at that first sign of digestive health issues. Probiotics are important, yet if the gut lining is extremely irritated the probiotics are not able to survive thus many do not see any change with probiotics alone or they make things worse! With so many probiotics on the market it’s hard to know which ones are best for you, if they will work and how they work. You have to think of probiotics as one part of the leaky gut fix not a stand alone treatment.

1. Specifically Use Spore-Based Probiotics
The first step to getting rid of leaky gut is taking a spore based probiotic. Spore based probiotics are protective microbes that behave like police in your gut and weed out your non-beneficial microbes such as yeasts and bacteria while helping neutralize toxins like the pesticide glyphosate, better known as Round Up, that is found in many non-organic foods.

What is a spore-based probiotic?
Spore based probiotics are isolated from dirt. These beneficial spores are the closest to the natural form of probiotics our ancestors obtained from soil back when we still hunted and gathered our food.

How do they help?
Spore based probiotics are considered the regulators of gut flora; meaning they have the ability to weed out bad bacteria and yeast using a technique known as quorum sensing. By communicating with each other the spore based probiotics can team up to attack non-beneficial microbes in the gut. These spores can release up to 25 antibiotics to wipe out invaders all around them. That makes them extra effective at treating bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic gut infections, that cause digestive health issues.

2. Why You’re Taking Your Pre-Biotics All Wrong
This is where things get tricky – “pre” usually means “before” and most people think they have to take prebiotics before or with their probiotics. This is not the case. You want your beneficial bacteria starting to weed out the invaders and grow their neighborhoods before you give them a big boost of food. Unfortunately, most prebiotics feed both the good and the bad microbes in your gut. So if you took prebiotics and probiotics you might not have noticed a change or things became worse because you were feeding the good and the bad bugs equally. Because of this issue, it’s vital to look for prebiotics with a complex carbohydrate structure that ensures only beneficial types of bacteria can feed off them.

What are prebiotics and how do they help?
Prebiotics are food that allow beneficial bacteria and microbes to grow and thrive in their environment – your gut, in this case. That’s why using a prebiotic before probiotics can be like fertilizing a garden that has weeds in it. You’ll get an overgrowth of everything, which won’t improve your situation. In fact, without the right bacteria in your gut, things can get worse because prebiotics are generally fermented by gut bugs which ends up in the production of increased intestinal gas.

Using spore-based probiotics for one month then pairing them with precision pre-biotics reconditions the gut environment to be favorable for the good bacteria to thrive. Following this plan will increase the diversity of beneficial bacterial strains in the gut and re-establish growth of the key strains that need to be there for proper digestive health such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.

3. Plugging Up the Leaks
Getting back to the cause of leaky gut, we need to give our intestinal lining some TLC. In my podcasts I’ve mentioned foods, herbs and beverages that I recommend to help restore the lining however, I’ve found the need to add in supplements that can help to speed up the lining repair process.

What’s in the lining and how can we rebuild it?
The intestinal lining has two layers. The top layer is a thin mucus where most bacteria live and swim around in the gut. The bottom layer, mucin 2, is thicker (like a gel) and acts as protective physical barrier that prevents migration of items that shouldn’t be found in the blood from the gut. There are 4 amino acids that are the building blocks of the mucosal lining structure and when supplemented can speed up the gut lining repair process. Since the gut lining is turned over in its entirety approximately every 4-6 days it’s crucial to have the nutrients ready for repair to help the gut regenerate new healthy cells every turn over cycle.

Leaky gut prompts chronic negative inflammatory responses in the body causing fatigue, joint and muscle pain as well as headaches, sinus pressure, post nasal drip and rashes. Healing of the gut lining will not occur if the digestive lining is too inflamed and is lacking the nutrients to regenerate. Because of this issue, research has shown that having an anti-inflammatory supplement such as an Immuno-globulin-G (IgG) product is helpful in addition to probiotics, prebiotics and amino acids to rebuild the gut lining. This adaptive antibody goes into the gut and binds up all the toxins, pathogens, viruses, fungus, etc. and neutralizes them so your body can eliminate them instead of them creating an ongoing inflammatory reaction that keeps your gut lining leaky.

How to Seal Up Your Leaky Gut

Unfortunately, this is not a plan that works overnight. Studies show that taking antibiotics for just 7 days leaves your gut irritated and trying to repair itself for up to 2 years later. For those aiming to seal up that leaky gut for good, a protocol of 8-12 weeks is recommended and then gut health maintenance becomes part of your lifestyle.

To Review:
Spore-Based Probiotics – MegaSpore – take for 4 weeks – start with one a day with food for one week then increase to two a day with food.
Precision Prebiotics – MegaPrebiotic – take with probiotics, add to 8 oz of water after you have been on probiotics for one month. Take separately from the MegaMucosa.
Gut Rebuild – MegaMucosa Rebuild – start taking after one month of being on the probiotics. Add powder to 8 oz of water and drink first thing in the morning.

Sealing up a leaky gut is not an easy task as there are so many symptoms involved. Keep in mind that symptoms will regress slowly but by getting your leaky gut under control you’ll be preventing a host of complications from damage to your adrenal glands, thyroid and even your brain. By keeping a record of your symptoms, eating a diet a closest to nature as possible, keeping your portions in check, consuming a low histamine and lectin diet you will aid in the process of healing up your gut lining faster.

Start today by journaling your symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, skin issues, brain fog, headaches and sinus congestion and note how they change based on diet in addition to the gut restoration program over time during this 8-12 week protocol. As you are getting close to 8 weeks you will be able to review your journal and monitor your progress to determine if you will need the full 12 weeks. By combining the regulating effect of spore-based probiotics with beneficial bacteria targeted prebiotics and a gut lining rebuilding formula, you now have a comprehensive program that will be life changing. You can do this!

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I’m here to help. Comment below, let me know how you are doing or submit a question to my podcast!

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