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Hello, I’m Doctor Jannine Krause and today I’m going to talk  about testing your cellular metabolism.  Now that might sound kind of strange, to, why would I want to test that.  Well, think about all of the different supplements out there on the market that are touting their miracles for energy, fatigue, anti aging.  Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you new what amounts of those things you should be taking instead of just, ahh, this brand looks good, I like the label.  That’s how I shop for wine.  I like labels, I’m like great, I’m gonna grab that.  I’m guessing most people will shop for supplements very similar.  Why,  because if you go to you local supplement store and there’s like 800 B complex vitamins and you’re like yeah, I want some energy.  I heard B complex vitamins are great for energy and then you’ve got 20 different brands.  Well, I don’t know.  You either ask someone or you hem and haw about, well, I’m going to go with the one with the highest amount.  But what if that’s too much of a certain vitamin or mineral for you?  Well, that could cause some serious problems as well.  Now a lot of times I hear in my practice, oh it’s natural.  It won’t hurt you.  Yes, Vitamins, minerals and herbs are medicines, they are just like pharmaceuticals they can hurt you.  Especially at too low or too high of a dose.  So, I target exactly what people will need.  I use a company called Genova Diagnostics.  They’re out of North Carolina and they have a test called Nutra-Eval.  What it does is it looks at cellular metabolism.  What is Cellular Metabolism?  Well, have you ever heard someone say, my metabolism is so slow.  That’s what they’re referring to.  But what it is is taking all of the nutrients that you break down, so your carbohydrates, fats, and your proteins.  Breaking them down to little teeny tiny molecules and then using them for energy. So it’s your bodies process for grabbing these molecules, and bringing them into a cell and using them efficiently to create energy.  Now there’s something called the krebs cycle, otherwise known as the TCA or the citric acid cycle.  This is a cycle everyone of our cells go through to create energy to sustain itself, to repair itself.  And what it does is each part of that cycle is dependent on certain B vitamins and certain magnesium and minerals in terms of co-factors.  And so wouldn’t it be nice to know if your extremely fatigued or say you have pain, or say your not able to lose weight.  Wouldn’t it be really nice to know what the hecks hanging up in that cycle versus going to your local supplement shop and just picking and choosing?  I sure as heck would love to just steam ahead and just go steam right to the exact answer versus picking and choosing and spending months upon months just guessing on certain amounts of vitamins and minerals. And so the fast track to figuring out your cellular metabolism, so the idea here is getting your body to run as efficiently as possible.  Cellular metabolism is key to efficiency in our bodies.  And so the way to do that, to fast track that is to get a test done that looks at your cellular metabolism.  Now there are other companies out there besides Genova Diagnostics.  I just happen to mention them because that’s the one I use in my practice, but nevertheless they’re getting us to figure out how efficient are your cells.  If your’re fatigued, if you are moody, if you’re depressed, your anxious, if you are not able to lose weight.  These are issues, warning lights that are telling you your cellular metabolism is off.  Somethings hanging up.  It’s also a key component in the matter of folks who are busting their butts at the gym.  Your going to crossfit or going to the gym day in day out, your pushing yourselves to your limits and that weight just stays the same.  Inefficient cellular metabolism.  And it could be a couple other factors like cortisol and I will talk about that in another blog post, but cellular metabolism is the key component to making energy in our body.  It’s our source of energy.  First of course I’ve already talked about in my other blogs, digestion.  Got to be able to digest foods, break them down into their little key components for us to utilize them as energy.  But once we break down those foods and we get them to the cells, now the cells have to be able to efficiently use all those nutrients.  And so, fast tracking your way by figuring out are your cells efficient is doing a little bit of cellular metabolism testing.  And so the Genova Diagnostics nutra eval is usually where I start on that pathway to figure out what the heck is going on with that department.  So that that’s the other component of your manual.  To create, your going, ok, my body has a difficulty taking x y and z and creating energy.  Ok, now I know what to do to recreate that and yes, could that change as you age and maybe you take the test once in your thirties and you might have to redo it again in your fifties.  Yes, absolutely.  Why?  Because the owners manuals is something that unlike the car, our owners manual is a little bit dynamic.  It changes.  Its not a static book and so it’s good to keep up with your health.  Keep on top of things and one great way to figure out whats happening inefficiently on the cellular level is to do a cellular metabolism test and so I’m Doctor Jannine Krause and I’ve just discussed the cellular metabolism testing and that’s one key component to figuring out your owners manual.  Stay tuned for my next episode talking about genetic testing another valuable test to figure out your owners manual.  Thanks for watching.

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