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Hello I’m Dr. Janine Krause. Today I’m going to talk about another food that causes leaky gut. There’s always this big debate on what type of oil should be used for cooking. Is it olive oil? Is a canola oil? What do we do? Well it turns out that it’s really important thing to do to look at the type of oil that you’re using. Oil should not be refined. If they’re refined, they’re heated up too high. Those are molecules that are irritants to our digestive system lining. Much like hydrogenated oils. You probably heard of these guys there also known as trans fats. These are the oils that cause clogging of your arteries it can clog them up then you have some serious problems. Today I want to talk a little bit more about refined oils and how they affect your digestive system. For example, we get something like a olive oil, olive oil in and of itself shouldn’t be bad however companies out there trying to keep costs down on making olive oil and what they do is they blend the olive oil along with canola oil. Canola oil for the most part unless it says on the label is refined and heated up to a molecule that our bodies don’t know what to do with. For example, if we’re inside the digestive system here and we get this molecule of oil that’s refined, he gets to the digestive system lining and sits there. Well, when anything sits on the digestive system lining it’s going to cause an immune system reaction. Our little Pac-Man’s are white blood cells are going to come over and check it out. They say, “what is this refined molecule?” So here they come in and here they take a look at what’s this molecule? Because they don’t recognize that, they don’t see it as being a normal food molecule and outgoing after. So we create inflammation on the digestive system lining. Perhaps maybe you’ve eaten some roasted nuts for example, delicious don’t get me wrong, often times vegetable oils are commonly used when you see on the label vegetable oil that can be a blend. That can be soybean. That can be corn. That can be canola. All of those in a blend are going to be refined. Ever had a stomach ache when you’ve eaten to many of those roasted nuts? Well, that’s what’s going on there. You have all those molecules of that not being broken down, but then you’ve got those oils and the body goes, “I don’t know what to do with this!” So they sit there on the lining and if anything is there too long we get inflammation. inflammation causes holes in your digestive system lining. Those holes allow for molecules to come across into the bloodstream. Once those small molecules get into the bloodstream and our immune systems going to attack again. We’re going to get another reaction. Could be a stomach pains. Could be acne. In particular consumption of nuts is often linked to acne, but it’s not a the nuts that’s causing it, it’s the oils. So something to consider in that case. So I want you to go into your kitchen and take a look at all the oils that you have in the kitchen. You want to make sure that they say expeller pressed or coldpressed oils or unrefined. Anything that says refined. Also read your labels on your junk foods and your processed foods. If you see anything that says trans fat or hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils, get it out of there! You should be eating things that say expeller pressed oils only or unrefined. That goes for coconut oil as well, virgin coconut, unrefined coconut oil. Okay, that’s another way you can get leaky gut. I’m Dr. Janine Krause. Check out my website We’ll see you there!

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