Americans of all ages are sicker, heavier and struggling with their health at an alarming rate.  What sets Americans apart from other countries?  The food system.  Zen Honeycutt is the Founding Executive Director of the non-profit, Moms Across America, a National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms with the motto “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids.” Moms Across America’s leaders created over 1,000 community events in all 50 states to raise awareness about GMOs, toxins in the food supply, and other environmental issues that pose risk to the health of our families. The organization’s mission is to educate and empower mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities.  In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Zen Honeycutt on her organization’s disturbing findings of toxic heavy metals in baby formula, the effects of glyphosate toxicity and the contamination of gluten free foods with gluten. 

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The connection between glyphosate and heavy metal toxicity
  • Why Non-organic lentils, chickpeas, peas and beans are toxic
  • How gut bacteria and linings are destroyed by glyphosate and bioengineered foods
  • How glyphosate drives heavy metals into the brain
  • The relation between IBS and genetically modified foods
  • Why not all gluten free food products are free from gluten
  • What you can do to avoid glyphosate, GMOs and toxins in the food supply

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Podcast Transcript

2:44 –

3:20 – Mercury is used to extract corn syrup solids to make our processed foods 

4:18 – Aluminum and lead found in 100% percent of baby food samples

8:45 – What the FDA found decades ago when testing baby formula

11:02 -Why are 18 month old babies are developing cancer today?

12:04 – Control what you can in your environment

13:15 – Transparent food company Zero

14:32 – Mom’s Across American glyphosate testing results

18:08 – The cycle that causes consumers to have the need for more

20:25 – Connecting glyphosate to mental disorders

22:06 – Connecting aluminum to autism and alzheimer’s

24:17 – Glyphosate’s roll in destroying serotonin and it’s connection to addictions

34:11 – How to take action with your local and state politicians

36:15 – What you can do to start eating safe foods? Educate yourself

41:14 – Continued…What can you do in your life to eat safe foods

42:37 – Organic non-GMO verified

48:17 – David and Leila Centner of Center Academy and fast food testing

51:10 – Some other products tested for glyphosate

52:14 – Companies switching from glyphosate to other products such as 2,4D

52:41 – Gluten found in gluten free food and some products that contained it

59:10 – Where to find Zen’s work

[Intro] Welcome to the Health Fix Podcast, where health junkies get their weekly

fix of tips, tools, and techniques to have limitless energy, sharp minds, and fit

physiques for life.

Hey Health Junkies! On this episode of the HealthFix Podcast, I’ve brought back

Zen Honeycutt. She was back on in episode 426, where she shared her

organization’s testing data on toxins in fast food. On this episode, we’re

diving into the dangers of glyphosate in your produce, legumes, and processed foods.

You see, I brought back Zen because over and over again, I see my clients and even my own

health improve when we switch to organic foods or foods that were grown without pesticides.

In the podcast after this one, I’ll share my personal story with going all organic and

non-toxic in the food department and how it changed my life, then the life of my family,

even the life of my dog. So stay tuned for episode 478 where I go into my personal story.

Now, Zen Honeycutt is the founding executive director of the nonprofit Moms Across America.

It’s a national coalition of unstoppable moms who are working to raise awareness about GMOs,

toxins in the food supply, and other environmental issues that pose risk to the health of our families.

The organization’s mission is to educate and empower mothers and others with actions and solutions

to create healthy communities. Health starts with your digestive system and what you put into it.

If you put toxic food in, it’s hard to get results from weight loss, hormone balance,

and even healing from chronic illness. I can’t stress it enough what you eat does really matter.

Now, you can vote for a healthier food system with your wallet. I hope this podcast inspires

you to take action. So let’s reintroduce you to Zen Honeycutt.

JANNINE: Zen Honeycutt, welcome back to the health fix podcast.

ZEN: Thank you so much, Jannine, thanks to all your viewers. It’s great to be here.

JANNINE: Hey, my goodness, last time you dropped a whole bunch of things on us and I had a lot of questions from folks like, whoa, what is this real?

Um, yeah, hello, that’s why we’re here.

And you guys have new data, I’m excited to talk about that.

But first and foremost, let’s get back to the concept of baby formula with a whole bunch of toxins in it.

I think we’ve heard snippets, you know, over the years.

And then I feel like it just gets brushed under the table every single time you’ll hear it on the news and then all of a sudden it’s like brushed under.

So, what’s the latest?

Give us a scoop.

ZEN: So, the latest is that GMO science is, there’s a website GMO science headed up by Dr. Michelle


She’s a 43 year, I think veteran pediatrician has tens of thousands of patients, mostly

focuses on homeopathy.

She uses what works and she has a lot of patients with autism and disrupted gut biome and all

of that.

And she’s just fed up with people with kids being sick and she wrote a book called What’s

making our children sick so she did a deep dive into it. And then we did an interview

on our show called The New MD’s Moms, Doctors and Scientists working together to heal our

children with a woman named Jean Defoe who wrote a book called Unsafe on Any Plate. And

in that book she talks about how mercury is used to extract the corn syrup solids from

corn to make our processed foods. And Dr. Michelle Perrow realized that about 47% of baby

formulas, I mean, the contents of baby formulas can be up to 47% corn syrup solids.

So there could be high levels of mercury in baby formula, which is extremely toxic and

must be avoided at all costs.

So she initiated this baby formula testing, thinking that we would find high levels of


Now, we did find mercury in 55% of the samples, which is not good, because no level is a

is good at all.

But we found, and we found cadmium in 35% of the samples

and arsenic in 57% of the samples.

But we found aluminum and lead in 100% of the samples.


ZEN: Yeah, and there should be no level of lead.

And 80% of the samples had lead levels higher

than what the EPA allows in drinking water.

And this formula is before drinking water was added.

This is powder formula, right?

So then people are adding water on top of it.

We know what happened in Flint, all kinds of heavy metals in the water there from the


And we believe also because there were, nobody talks about this, there were GMO sugar beet

farms upstream from Flint where glyphosate was used on a consistent basis.

And glyphosate is a chelator.

It grabs onto and makes unavailable the vital nutrients of any living thing it touches.

It also was used as a pipe cleaner.

it was first discovered. So you’ve got glyphosate in the water from upstream grabbing onto these

dirty, the heavy metals in the pipes and bringing, you know, we’re, we’re asserting,

bringing those heavy metals into the water. Nobody talks about this. They want to just change the

pipes out, but not do anything about the GMO sugar beet farming using, you know, how many

thousands of pounds of glyphosate every year. So anyway, we’ve got lead in the, in the baby formula,

also potentially in the water, of course. And levels of aluminum that were astronomical,

41,000 parts per billion of aluminum in a goat’s milk baby formula. And then high levels in a

couple of different baby formulas. And this level of aluminum exceeds what would be, you know,

acceptable by basically mostly European, regulatory agencies. I have the exact wording

on I don’t see it right now, but it succeeds a lot. It’s extremely

concerning levels of aluminum. So we’re really sort of besides ourselves because we were hoping

that we would find baby formulas that we could easily recommend, but all of them had aluminum

and lead in it. And some of them, six of them contained all five heavy metals that we tested for,

all five. And so we have that list on our website of which ones were the, you know, most contaminated

and least contaminated. And we highly recommend people, you know, checking out that list.

JANNINE: Oh my goodness. You know, it’s disturbing to me. And here’s the thing, I’ve done a lot of testing

lately on hair mineral analysis and antoxic metals in urine just to see like what’s popping up for

some of my folks who are like, man, I don’t feel good. I’m gaining weight really fast. You know,

my kids too. I’m going to test for myself and see what happens. And I’m seeing this in adults.

And so I think for a lot of people, we don’t realize that these stick around.

This isn’t something that the kids are going to get it all while they’ll pee it out, right?

You’ve probably talked to a doctor, Sineph, about this. You’ve probably talked with Dr.

Peril about this because I think a lot of folks aren’t realizing that these are

somewhat in the concept of forever metals in the body.

ZEN: Yes, they can go into the brain, they can go into the organs.

It’s very difficult to detox them.

I mean, some of it can be detox, but also, you know, people are finding that these heavy

metals can cause lifelong permanent damage.

And I hate to say that because I always think that anything is possible.

But this is the consequences and the result that we have, you know, that people have seen,

you know, children in Japan were poisoned by milk powders that had, I believe it was

was lead in it decades ago and that’s what sparked an entire movement to have co-ops


So instead of going to the big stores now, they go directly to the manufacturers and

they, if they’re going to use anything, they use milk or they hardly ever use those types

of formulas anymore because of the poisoning that can happen.

So we’re hopefully learning from what’s going on in the food supply, but what it showed,

was revealed, especially by Dr. Sennifs and Dr. Perot’s research, which I love. It’s like a

dream come true being a mom, having a doctor, a scientist, you know, collaborating together

because their brains just work in a completely different way, you know, on their experience

and their background. So they were able to research and found all kinds of things about

aluminum and the impacts and the health and, and, and may Sennif has been stuck, you know,

studying this for years, decades. And Dr. Perril found that the FDA actually did test a decade or two ago

and only four different brands of formula. But in one of those tests, they found uranium.

And they didn’t do anything about it. They don’t tell the public this. They don’t go then and say,

okay, well, after testing four, let’s test 40. That would be the scientifically acceptable

sequence of events. Once you find a problem in something, you keep asking questions like,

where is this coming from? What can we do about it? Are there more samples of formula that are,

you know, poisoned with uranium and heavy metals? So they knew some of this years ago

and didn’t do anything about it. And when Dr. Perrill saw that the Babysuit Food Safety Act was

introduced after very high levels of heavy metals were found in baby food, but they refused to accept

baby formula in the act, right? They just kept baby formula out. We’re like, wait a second,

baby formula is the only food that some babies consume, many big, you know, probably thousands

of babies consume for the first six months of life. Some women don’t breastfeed, you know, and

it just, they, and they don’t get milk from a breast milk bank. It’s not super common here.

And, um, and so they only get formula. And to have formula that is contaminating their tiny

bodies that are in development still sage with any kind of heavy metal on a consistent basis is

completely unacceptable. I mean, if another country was poisoning our food supply like

this, we would be at war with them. You know, this is unacceptable.

JANNINE: I absolutely agree. I absolutely agree. And I think one of the things that’s really important

that I want folks to really understand is that these levels are going into babies, right?

Like babies. And I think folks are thinking, well, you know, okay, this isn’t that. Okay,

We’re all going to have stuff that’s toxic, but little developing creatures, right?

And the neurotoxic and carcinogenic effects, I think, are what really bother me because

I’m seeing cancer on the rise, right?

And I’m seeing their stories all, you know, every day now.

ZEN: 18 months old, 18 months old with cancer, not even two years old, and they’re developing


I have a friend who’s found out her baby had cancer, I think when he was nine months old

and died when he was 18 months old.

Another friend who lost a child,

not too long after 18 months old.

There’s now, there’s different factors,

but this is definitely one of them, a contributing factor.

Another one is a friend of mine, her friend,

moved into a beautiful home in Southern California

in a apartment, HOA apartment complex

where everybody gets their lawns manicured and done

by other people.

And they bought a home and the child played outside

in the dirt, basically all summer in the backyard

and ended up with cancer.

And when they were looking into all the different reasons,


Because this baby, ate organic, wasn’t vaccinated,

didn’t have a lot of toxins in the home.

The mother was like, we’re going to use vinegar or clean stuff,

type of people, and pretty wealthy and knowledgeable.

And then they found out from the neighbors

that the former owners of that house

sprayed Roundup in the backyard all the time.

And so the baby was playing in dirt

that had been sprayed with Roundup,

Roundup causes cancer, glyphosate.

So those are the type of different factors

that you’ve got flame retardants on pajamas,

you’ve got just all different kinds of chemicals

in the environment.

So there’s a bunch of different contributing factors.

So what moms across America feels is

when you can control any of those factors,

when you can limit any of the exposure to heavy metals

or pesticides or toxins, we should do so

because we can’t necessarily control whether or not

our neighbors sprays round up before or next to our yard

or the city is spraying it.

We can’t control some of these factors

but you can control what you put in your mouth

and in your baby.

But you can only make wise decisions if you know.

And the FDA is not telling us

what type of heavy, the baby food manufacturers

and the formula manufacturers are definitely not telling us.

Here’s what the levels of heavy metals are.

Now, there are some companies that do this.

There’s a woman named Colleen Kavanagh

who runs a company called Zego

and sells oatmeal and granolas.

And she actually has a QR code on the back of the package

and says, “Here’s where you can find

this batch is heavy metal testing.”

It’s amazing.

Yeah, she used to work with it was either the USDA

or the FDA and she saw the shenanigans

that were going on there.

like we can do better than this.

And she did.

So she’s a great person to interview as well.

She just has integrity in the food that she is serving.

So you know what levels of heavy metals or pesticides

are in that oatmeal.

And other oatmeal distribution companies

are now getting wiser to this.

This is just oats,

but there are distribution companies now

in North America that are not accepting oats

sprayed with glyphosate and several other toxic chemicals.

So there is progress that’s happening,

but it doesn’t happen unless it becomes exposed,

unless we learn the truth and people speak up

or they stop buying it or they complain

to their senators and representatives

or they become a senator or representative

and say, I’m not gonna do this to my people, right?

So this is what needs to happen

and I really appreciate your platform

to be able to share with new people.

Maybe you’ve never heard about Moms

Across America before we have all kinds of testing.

We initiated the first glyphosate testing in America.

We found glyphosate in tap water breast milk

in Children’s urine, then founded in,

we had a supporter who sent us wine samples,

all 100% positive for glyphosate.

We tested, you know, bagels and yogurt and eggs

and other companies tested, other orgs tested for cereals

and candies and snack foods.

And pretty much everything is contaminated with glyphosate.

I mean, maybe like 60, 70% and some,

but some foods like hummus and oats and chickpeas,

you know, well, I just said hummus,

but you know, chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans and wheat

are some of those, the testing that has been done

on those show 100% contamination of glyphosate,

like very, you know, very high levels

of contamination of glyphosate

because glyphosate is used as a drying agent

on those crops before harvest.

So there’s very high residue levels.

It’s also used as a weed killer on crops

that are genetically engineered to withstand it,

like corn and soy and sugar beets,

like I mentioned either earlier.

So, but the highest levels tend to be on the crops

where it’s sprayed as a drying agent,

as you can imagine, just before harvest.

Also because it doesn’t wash dry or cook off.

It’s soaking right into it.

So this is what we’ve been going after for 12 years,

is trying to not only label GMOs

and get them out of the food supply,

by raising awareness about them.

and sort of shifting marketplace purchasing power, right,

to the organic foods to send the message to the marketers

and the food manufacturers, we don’t want those GMO foods.

But also to get glyphosate banned,

first step at least stops spraying it

as a drying agent on our food supply.

Because not only is it incredibly harmful to health,

but it has been shown to contain heavy metals.

So that’s one of the other sources

is is we believe is the glyphosate being sprayed on the crops brings in the heavy metals.

JANNINE: I have no doubt. I have no doubt. I mean just the other day this is an interesting thing to bring up

um about the the wheat. I had a patient she she did not have celiac but she has an allergy to the

pollen of the wheat molecule. I can’t help but think that there’s a connection there with the

spraying and all of that. Have you seen?

ZEN: You’re very, yeah, you’re astute because Dr. Zach Bush, who’s a triple board certified

doctor and was one of our advisors for some time for Moms Across America, he developed

a product that was originally called Restore. It’s now called ION Biome and it’s shown to

support the integrity of the gut bacteria, of the gut lining. We sell this product on

Moms Across America as a fundraiser. But he says that 80% of the gluten intolerances

are actually reactions to glyphosate. That most people are not intolerant to the gluten.

In fact, I tested only positive for a gluten intolerant to gliidine, which is a modern

wheat. So that means I can eat heirloom wheats and, and, and, and, and grains that don’t contain

a gliidine. And it’s just a sensitivity too. But for a lot of people that gliidine protein

compels them to eat. I think the latest that I saw and that was like 400% more, like to have a need

to consume more food, just like nicotine and cigarettes, you want to smoke more. So I think

that’s quite interesting that it was hybridized. It’s not GMO weed, it’s hybridized to have modern,

you know, this modern protein and it called gliadin, which compels people to eat more.

Isn’t that interesting? Just like the the Xenoestrogens on women’s sanitary products on tampons and

sanitary pads caused women to bleed more. Isn’t that interesting? Like nicotine causes people to

smoke more, like the sugar in Coca-Cola and Pepsi, right? Is it a certain level that wants

you to want to eat more? And so it’s all about more, more, more fast, cheap, easy, tasty, you know,

it’s, it’s, I call it the disease of ease, but compelling people to be in this cycle of needing

more because frankly, your body is nutritionally deficient because that food is not giving.

If your body, if you were getting the nutrients you needed from that food, you wouldn’t want

to eat more.

You would feel satiated after a certain amount and we wouldn’t have obesity.

We wouldn’t have diabetes.

But the, yeah, the food is devoid of it.

So we, I don’t know if I answered your question.

I feel like I digressed a little bit there, but there’s just a lot to cover.

JANNINE: No, it’s good. It’s good. You’re fine because I think it’s just something that obviously the awareness is where I’m at.

I want folks to put their money towards things that are going to send the message because obviously we know we have buying power.

And that is what we can hold over. If they don’t want to listen or don’t want to make change, well, then we put our money elsewhere.

And that’s definitely where I’m at here.

Now, one of the things I think is really interesting is that, you know, we’ve got a generation underneath us, right?

We want to protect the generation underneath us and we’ve got such a huge connection to all these chemicals and neurocognitive issues, right?

And, you know, we talk about autism being on the rise and I remember some years ago, yes, it was being blamed on vaccines and then they’re like, no, it’s not the vaccines.

And then now, you know, we’re finding the same chemicals

that we were saying in the vaccines are now in the formulas.

It’s the same connection.

We’re repeating the cycle here.

Can you speak a little bit to that connection there

with the chemicals, neurodegenerative conditions,

things of that nature?

ZEN: We have a massive health, mental health crisis in America.

A lot of people are focused on cancer and endocrine disruption.

You know, like those are the two foundational factors

for whether or not the Office of Environmental Health

Hazard Assessment in California, basically the EPA

arm of the EPA, or the federal EPA,

determines whether or not a chemical can make it

on the marketplace, is whether or not it’s number one

carcinogenic and number two endocrine disrupting.

Nobody has any factors, like guidelines or factors

or assessment in place on whether or not

it causes neurological disorders.

And farmers are actually the number one

They have the highest level of depression and suicides

of all the careers, even more than veterans,

as my understanding.

So this is, or maybe it’s very similar,

but it’s way up there.

And the mental health crisis in America,

that stat I had is 10 years old is one in five.

I think it’s more like one in two.

Now, there are so many scientific studies linking glyphosate

and heavy metals to mental health disorders

that it is completely undeniable now.

And there’s multiple studies showing a connection

between mothers being exposed to glyphosate in utero

and especially baby boys being born

with much significantly higher levels of autism.

And also thyroid issues and liver issues.

We all know how important the liver is

with detoxing from the body and how those toxins,

if they’re not detox, can then contribute

to neurological disorders.

And there’s a couple of factors in that.

One glyphosate, as I mentioned earlier, is a chelator.

So it’s going to grab onto those heavy metals

and it goes through the blood-brain barrier.

So it can bring them right into the brain.

And Dr. Chris Exley has shown that aluminum is found

in particular parts of the brain at higher levels

across the board in cadavers that they looked at

of people with autism and Alzheimer’s.

So they know that aluminum is causal

according to his studies in contributing to autism

and Alzheimer’s.

And there’s another way, and it’s probably not just aluminum.

There’s probably other heavy metals there too.

He just happens to focus on aluminum,

but that’s what glyphosate does

is it breaks through the blood-brain barrier

and brings those heavy metals in there.

And it impacts the detrimental effects

of other environmental toxins.

So today say there’s two 4D and paraquat

and all of these other agrochemicals

that can also contribute to neurological disorders.

glyphosate because it breaks through the blood brain barrier and another function I’m going

to mention in a second increases the impact of those environmental toxins, right?

Like the body would deal with them a certain way like aluminum, for instance, can mostly

be urinated out.

But with glyphosate there, it makes it much more harmful to the body, right?

Now the other way that glyphosate functions is that it has been shown to destroy the beneficial

gut bacteria, target and destroy the beneficial gut bacteria.

know, we should have 30,000 different kinds of beneficial gut bacteria in our gut.

Trillions of bacteria, right?

But 30,000 different types.

The average American only has 10,000 at most now because we’ve been destroying our gut


And you know all about this.

And so, but glyphosate has been shown to destroy the beneficial gut bacteria and allow for

the proliferation of the pathogenic gut bacteria.

And this is mostly in chickens, which shows why, oh, bird flu, right?

It’s because they’re consuming grains, sprayed with glyphosate, destroying the beneficial gut

bacteria, allowing for salmonella and E. coli and all of these other nasty bacteria to proliferate.

And then they give them antibiotics, but they develop a resistance to it. And then we’ve got

MRSA. We’ve got bacteria and diseases that are not reacting to antibiotics. Same thing happens in

humans. Destroyers are beneficial gut bacteria, allows for the proliferation of pathogenic gut

bacteria leading to very high levels of UTIs that are seen like they’re practically incurable

and all kinds of hormone issues. Yeah, and the gut issues happen because when you destroy the

beneficial gut bacteria, that gut is where your serotonin is held. Your melatonin,

your ghrelin, all of these hormones, you know oxytocin and your dopamine, you know all that stuff. The gut is the

primary place where you are storing, especially the serotonin, which is the primary factor in

telling your body that you are satiated, meaning you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough alcohol,

that’s enough porn, that’s enough gambling, that’s enough obsessing and being jealous and,

you know, like driving somebody nuts with its obsessive behavior, your body cannot say that’s

enough if you don’t have enough serotonin in your body. So when glyphosate is destroying that,

you know, depleting those levels, you’re going to have a much higher chance of having addiction,

obsession, bipolar, schizophrenia, and there’s been studies to link glyphosate to schizophrenia.

So we have a major issue and what drives me nuts is when I go to

Al anon meetings and their conjunction with AA, then there’s coffee, non-organic coffee,

and chocolate cake all over a table and everybody’s taken a slice of chocolate cake. I mean,

it’s fun to have cake and coffee with friends and to have fellowship, but they just don’t understand

that they are putting glyphosate into their gut, which is destroying their serotonin, and it’s

fighting, they’re doing something that’s fighting their own body and being able to be sober,

right? They’re not giving themselves their body a fighting chance to be able to be sober when you

are destroying your beneficial gut bacteria and your ability for your body to make serotonin.

It’s just so counterintuitive, but most people, you know, they don’t know that. And then glyphosate

is also an endocrine disruptor. We all know hormones are essential, you know, just all by itself.

And it causes nervous system damage,

and it also directly causes neurological damage.

So the way glyphosate functions

is so detrimental to human health

that Dr. Don Huber, who’s a 60-year plant pathologist,

says that glyphosate is going to make DDT

look like mouthwash.

And DDT was banned, and PCBs were banned five years

after they were found in breast milk.

So we were hoping the same thing would happen

when we found glyphosate in breast milk.

I mean, we didn’t want it to be in breast milk,

but when it was there, we’re like, okay,

well, this is gonna be the impetus

for getting glyphosate banned, but it hasn’t been.

It’s been close to a decade since we discovered that.

And this government is so corrupted by corporate influence

that they just turned a blind eye.

And they are, you know,

They’re continuing to allow the poisoning of our babies

and our human population.

And there’s times when it’s just unfathomable to me

how people can sleep at night

and continue to allow this to happen.

Because we have a mental and physical and reproductive

health crisis in America right now and around the world

that will not turn itself around.

We have to do it.

We have to have the political will

to elect people in office whose first priority as president or as people who appoint regulatory

agencies is to eliminate these toxins from our food supply in our environment.

And I’m sorry if any of your political presidential candidates are getting money from big pharma,

big ag, or big oil, they are not your candidate. They are working for them, not for you.

And I’ll leave it to your viewers to research who’s getting funding from who,

but that that is the most important factor in my mind.

Because everything else is affected by whether or not we are able to live up to our fullest potential.

If we’re not able to live up to our fullest potential, if we’re being inundated by toxins,

we can’t do our job. So when there’s loss of job, there’s an environmental crisis,

we can’t pay our bills, then when there’s homelessness, we can’t reproduce.

So sorry, but abortion is a mood issue. If you can’t even reproduce, if you’re not fertile,

you know, glyphosate, destroys sperm, it destroys reproductive damp organs, you know, and we can’t,

we don’t have, we will continue to have war and bad political policies if we have people who are

mentally ill in office. You know, this one out of five people having mental illness, that includes

our politicians. That includes decision makers, includes policemen, and your teachers, and your

babysitter, and the people driving in a car next to you. So you may be eating organic and healthy

and saying like I’m doing the best I can. But this is not just a you issue. This is a

we issue. This is an entire community issue. And we need to put health as the first priority

in America. Otherwise, nothing else will work.

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Let’s get back to the podcast.

JANNINE: I can’t agree more. I mean, in my office every single day, I have people who are sicker than I’ve ever seen.

I have mystery illnesses that we go down all these different routes and it’s, it always comes back to food source and toxins in the body.

It always does. And now a lot of the population, we’re similar in age. We’ve got folks in perimenopause, menopause.

I can’t help but wonder if a lot of the hormone, because of the hormone disruption effect,

if we’re not having more hormonal imbalances as we head through peri to post-menopause and

having more issues with tolerating things because of the chemicals, glyphosate, all the things.

I mean, I’m kind of like all the things at this point.

ZEN: Yeah, it is. Yeah, it really is. I mean, there’s all kinds of chemicals in the food supply now

and in makeup products and in clothing. I bought a dress from a designer shop at one point. I

hardly ever do that, but it was on sale. I put it on within an hour. My entire body was in a rash.

They had used some types of dyes or chemicals on that dress that just had my body breakout.

It’s like there’s a lot of different sources. But again, you can do something about the food

that you eat every day. And we’re trying to do something so that the food that you eat every day,

we know whether or not it has, you know, pesticides and heavy metals and toxins in it.

So we really appreciate the people who supported the baby formula testing, you know, and Stephanie Senna from the new MDs and our Moms Across America supporters.

And we’re going to keep on it. And we do ask people to contact their senators and representatives

because what happened was we met with the FDA the week after we found out, like, basically the

week that we found out about this testing. So we hadn’t even released it to the public yet.

And it took, it takes some time to review it and have people assess the data, you know,

what we did tell the FDA the basics of what we found. And the next week, the FDA actually told

CNN that we’re, we want baby formula to be added to the baby food safety act. And so we’re actually

waiting for Congress to get it together and to say yes to the FDA, we’re allowing you a mandate

to regulate heavy metals, not only in baby food, but in baby formula. So people need to

contact their senators and representatives and say, hey, poison is not partisan. It doesn’t matter

whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat. These heavy metals and toxins in the food supply need

to be dealt with. Otherwise, we’re not going to have future generations, right? There’s no point

in a legacy of what we’re creating in America. So that’s really important. I just urge your

viewers to do that. We don’t have one of those fancy platforms right now where you do a click

and it sends an email or letter directly to your center representative, but it is so easy to find.

It’s You just put in find my, you know, elected officials and they give you their emails

or phone numbers, everything, and you can just cut and paste from our website. We have a petition

at the bottom of the baby formula article. You can cut and paste it and we strongly encourage you

to add a paragraph or at least a sentence or two at the top to customize it. Like, I am concerned

about this because I have a grandchild or I’m a I would like to be able to have children one day

and I don’t you know I’m concerned about what to feed them. They need to hear from us and it does

matter they it absolutely does matter to hear from the public. Now are some people corrupted

and it’s not going to matter for them that yes it’s true but overall the more that our voices

speak up and speak out and they hear that this is an issue it gets the more that that happens the

the more that it moves up on the radar of,

“Hey, maybe I should do something about this

if I want to get reelected.”

It does move that issue up to the top of the rubble

that is the disaster of what’s going on

in our government right now,

but it does move it up in priority.

JANNINE: I mean, we have to, right?

I used to think, “Ah, my voice doesn’t matter.

I’m just one person, but if we can get together

and really make a huge statement.

I think it’s absolutely huge.

And of course, that’s why I wanted you to come on

and so we could chat about that.

Now, of course, I think another thing folks might be thinking,

because this is kind of where unfortunately a lot of folks,

I try to calm the hysteria in the office.

But a lot of folks are like,

I don’t know what kind of foods to choose.

I don’t know how to cook.

I don’t grow my own food.

I don’t know what to do.

Let’s talk about what consumers can do

to get started to at least begin to know what may be safe.

Because even back, let’s say 10 years ago,

we used to think, okay, Whole Foods,

I’m gonna walk in there and everything’s gonna be okay.

Now we look at the labels and we’re like,

ZEN: This is bio-engineered on it.


ZEN: but the thing is that was happening almost 30 years ago.

They just didn’t have to label them.

And Whole Foods actually said they were gonna label in 2018

and they didn’t, they went back on the word,

got bought out by Amazon and suddenly they said, “Oh, we’re not going to do that.” But

Obama did pass this GMO labeling act. It was a Safe and Affordable Food Act, which was

that’s just a bunch of malarkey, what that was. And he said on it that you could have

a QR code, a website or a phone number to tell the consumers to communicate to the consumers

whether or not the food was GMO. And a Supreme Court said, “That’s not good enough.” Right?

So that Center for Food Safety had to sue and Supreme Court said, “That’s not good enough.”

So just this year, this is, and we’ve been fighting for this for 12 years, other people

have been fighting for 25, 30 years.

Just this year, now you’re starting to see on labels made with bioengineered ingredients.

So they changed the word from genetically engineered or genetically modified to, which

we were calling a GMO, genetically modified organism.

We just wanted it to say, “made with genetically modified or genetically engineered ingredients.”

They changed it to bioengineered because activists like me and probably yourself made such a

stink about GMOs that now that has a bad name and they had to pick a euphemism.

So they went with bioengineered because bio or bio in Europe means organic.

So they co-opted that word and they put it with engineered.

And so now bioengineered is what they’re calling it.

And so people are looking at these labels and whole foods like, oh, there’s bioengineered

Food in here, there has been for the late 90s is when they started introducing these corn

and soy and products.

Genetically engineered or bio-engineered ingredients are in 75% of food products.

This is no new surprise.

Now I’m not saying just because it is means it ought to be.

That’s a fallacy, right?

I’m not saying, “Oh, it’s been there, so that’s okay.”

No, it’s been there.

It’s not okay.

And that’s why one of the contributing reasons why so many people have IBS and Crohn’s disease

and mental health issues and reproductive issues and cancer.

And this is, you’re seeing now why GMO foods have been shown to put like basically holes

in the stomachs of the animals, right?

Tumors, all kinds of things.

80% of GMOs are engineered to withstand glyphosate.

We just did the whole rundown on how horrible glyphosate is.

So if you see bioengineered ingredients, number one, it’s GMO, which is, you know, could contribute

to tumors or gut disorders and all kinds of problems.

One of the GMO is, by the way, is called a BT toxin

back here with yourogenesis GMO corn.

And it’s genetically engineered to have the pesticide built

in, meaning when the bug eats any part of that plant,

the BT toxin makes a little toxin factory

and it explodes and puts holes in the stomach of the bug

that eats it, and that’s how it dies.

So that’s one type of GMO.

The other one is genetically engineered to withstand glyphosate.

That’s the herbicide tolerant and then the third type of GMO, which is I believe it does have to be labeled

But I don’t think it’s being labeled right now because they’re arguing that it’s not actually GMO

And that’s a desired trait GMO like the apples that don’t brown arctic apples. They’re for sale on Amazon

They don’t brown and potatoes Simplot potatoes that McDonald’s uses I believe they don’t brown. They still rot

They still rock, you could smell them rotting, but they just, you don’t see them browning

so they can use them for french fries and things like that.


So, yeah, there’s, and Sam and the gross four times fatter, four times faster and is designed

to be sterile, right?

Not something I’m interested in feeding my kids.


Don’t know about your listeners, but yeah.

So these are the different types of GMOs that there are and, you know, the government

is allowing it because they say that GMOs are a process, not a product.


ZEN: I’m sorry, a process, not an additive.

So they don’t have to be safety tested the way additives do.

Like you have to see salt directly as an ingredient on the label.

But they’re saying this is a process.

So they only have to say, you know, now made with bioengineering ingredients.

They didn’t even say in the ingredients, which ones are the bioengineering ingredients.

Is it 90% of them?

Is it one of them?

Do you know what I mean?

They’re, they’re not.


ZEN: They’re not disclosing that. 

JANNINE: I’ve noticed that too. I mean, because now the grocery store is a hunting

place for us, more or less to see. So I can tell patients, you know, what’s what’s saying

what but yeah, they don’t they it’s it just says made with a very, very small letters–

ZEN: Yeah, very tiny. You know, so let’s get into what can they do? That was your original question.

What can they– 

JANNINE: Yes. Yes. 

ZEN: So so organic, the USDA organic label does not allow GMOs or glyphosate

to be used. Okay. So that is if you are buying processed food, that is the safest bet. There’s

also regenerative organic ROC, our regenerative organic certification. Same thing. And there’s

more of a focus on regenerating the soil to restore it to have higher nutrient content,

more organic matter, sequester more carbon from the air, you know, all kinds of benefits

to the soil and the water absorption and climate effects and all of that, like reducing drought

and the effects of drought and all that stuff. So regenerative organic certification in my mind

is probably the best if you can find it, but it’s very hard to find. And then if you can’t find that

or biodynamic, biodynamic is also the same parameters. It’s been around for even longer and

started by Waldorf Steiner and just really pays attention to the organic matter and the health of

the soil. And then the other one is if you can’t get regenerative organic then or biodynamic,

then organic, the USDA organic label with non-GMO project verified. Because the thing about

organic is that they don’t test for GMOs. Non-GMO project verified goes the extra mile and they test

for GMOs and you have to have less than 0.9% of GMOs in your product to be labeled non-GMO

project verified. However, non-GMO project verified does not test for glyphosate and they do allow it,

right? So you could buy non-GMO wheat crackers but they could have hundreds of parts of a

billion of glyphosate on them because they’re not organic. So you want to have as much as possible

USDA organic and non-GMO project verified together.

I don’t give a rat’s patootie if something’s labeled non-GMO anymore.

It has to be non-GMO and glyphosate residue free.

There’s also another label called glyphosate free.

It’s from the detox project.

And it’s, yeah, I think it’s glyphosate residue free or glyphosate free, something like that.

So there are, and there’s bio-checked or glyphosate-checked, you know, there are a few other certifications

where they do test and check for glyphosate.

So that’s, that is, you know, the best you can get there besides growing your own food

or knowing your farmer.

And when I know my farmer and he looks me in the eye and says, “No, I never use glyphosate,

never will.”

You know, I don’t care that he’s not organic.

Do you know what I mean?


ZEN: If I feel like I can really trust that farmer that they’re not using toxic chemicals, but

But also ask about other toxins because you don’t want them to go from glyphosate to


That’s by the way, killing dogs or daikamba or parquat or 2,4D.

You don’t want them to be using all of these other toxic chemicals.

So just knowing your farmer is most important.

And if you have budget issues, I always recommend to start switching over the things that you

eat the most to organic.

Just start there.

if you buy bread and pasta every week,

just switch those to organic first,

because those are what,

that’s how you’re gonna do a dramatically eliminate the

glyphosate exposure to yourself in your gut.

If you eat oatmeal every morning, or most mornings,

that has to be organic.

If you eat wheat, pita bread, and hummus as a snack commonly,

like that’s like the staple in colleges, you know,

when there’s an event, they have hummus and pita bread, right?

And maybe some peppers and carrots and, you know, like very high levels of pesticides

on the vegetables, first of all, and very high levels of glyphosate on the hummus and

the wheat pita bread.

So if you’re eating vegan or vegetarian, you’ve got to be eating organic.

I’m sorry, it’s otherwise you’re exposing yourself to the highest levels of glyphosate

of all of the diets.

So you’re whatever you eat the most of, and then your grains, any type, anything grain,

lagoon, anything that’s dried that’s going to be sprayed with glyphosate, those two things

are the most important. In my minds, even more important than buying organic meat, which

is very expensive. Do you know what I mean? I would do the what you eat the most of first,

whether it’s, you know, if you drink milk every morning or, you know, whatever, your

bread, your pasta, anything that’s grains first, if you can’t afford it. And then things like

berries like strawberries have to be organic. Otherwise, you’re introducing very high levels of

pesticides into your food supply, your food, your into your body as well. 

JANNINE: Yeah. Oh gosh,

such good, such good advice. Now on your website, you guys have the links to all the what to be

looking for and brands too. Or– 

ZEN:  Well, we have so on this one, so for the baby formula, and then I

I also want to talk about gluten free a little bit.

We tested gluten free samples.


ZEN: The baby formula on our article, we do have Kirkland ProCare, non-GMO infant formula

was rated the, if you want to say, cleanest, you know, the least contaminated top scoring

is what we call it top scoring.

So, and then Similac sensitive infant formula and pure amino hypoallergenic powder infant


So the ones that were for sensitive babies, like if you, you know, don’t remember this

list or you know we also didn’t test all of the brands. There’s 50 something brands we tested 20

of them. Go for the ones that are more for hyper allergenic. They tend to from what we found

tend to be less contaminated with heavy metals. Gerber and Earth’s best were in the middle

and then the lowest scoring was an Enfamil plant-based soy infant formula that also previously from

from another scientist also tested high for glyphosate.

So the Enfamil plant-based soy powder infant formula,

which is by the way, probably GMO, the soy, you know,

was the least desirable in my opinion, you know,

of the formulas.

So we have that list on our website.

We have a shopping guide

with all those different certifications that it talked about.

And then in my book, it’s right here,

I have a whole chapter on shopping

and the different certifications that are out there.

And it’s still, yeah, I have just opened up to it,

shopping for healthy foods whole section in my book.

So I highly recommend that, that’s available on Amazon.

JANNINE: Okay, excellent.

Now you mentioned gluten-free testing.

ZEN: Yes.

So just yesterday we revealed the news

about our gluten-free testing.

We tested 46 samples of gluten-free products.

And that’s thanks to our supporters,

and I wanna mention Sentinel Academy

in Florida, Leila and David Centner, who supported this.

They are very passionate about a safe food supply.

They supported our testing for fast foods as well,

which is horrendous.

You need to please have your viewers check out

the results for fast food and school lunches

that we also tested these past year or two.

And gluten-free food we tested

because 20 million Americans at least eat gluten-free food,

I think it’s way more, most a lot of people,

or should be at least way more even,

there’s a lot of people that don’t know

that they’re cranky and irritable and tired

after eating a meal because of the gluten,

or frankly, the glyphosate sprayed on the,

you know, that’s on the gluten products.

And so a lot of people are going gluten-free to lose weight,

to feel more mental clarity, like they’re,

may even not be aware that they haven’t straight up allergy,

They just feel better when they eat gluten-free.

And then there’s a lot of people with silly acts.

And there are scientific studies correlating celiacs

to the increased spray of glyphosate on the food spot.

If you think about what it does to the gut bacteria

and the gut lining, right, and all of that,

then it makes sense.

So there’s people with silly acts trying to eat gluten-free

food and the reports that are coming back to me are Zen.

I’m eating organic and I’m eating gluten-free,

but my gut is still messed up.

My doctor’s still telling me I’ve got dysbiosis.

I have anxiety because my hormones are all messed up.

I don’t want to leave the house.

I have all of these health issues,

rashes and irritability and mood disorders.

What is going on?

And I said, I think that the glyphosate,

sorry, the gluten-free products have glyphosate in them.

So we tested and 44 out of the 46 samples

came back positive for glyphosate.

JANNINE: Oh yeah.

ZEN: Yeah, 95.6 of them had levels above what Dr. Don Huber, this plant pathologist that I told you

says it’s harmful and should be avoided, essentially that it impacts your gut bacteria,

your sex hormones, the way that your body functions. Now, only 21% of the samples were positive for

glyphosate at levels above what the EU says is safe. So they weren’t all super high levels,

but they are concerning levels. And you know, what the EU and what the FDA says is safe is simply

not based on factual science for the most part. You know, it’s they trying to give the corporations

some leeway to be able to contaminate the food supply and not be illegal, right? So,

so those levels are still very concerning. And glyphosate was the most prevalent of the

the 237 pesticides that we tested for.

And there were also the highest level of glyphosate

was in a brand called Bonza.

It’s got an orange box.

Bonza Chickpea pasta had the highest amount of glyphosate

in food that the lab has ever recorded in human food.

I have to make sure I have to make sure

change this article just as food.

I’m gonna make sure it’s,

Well, I guess that’s pretty accurate because animal feed has been like 6,000 to 8,000

time, sorry, 6 to 8,000 parts per billion.

But in human food, this was the highest level that was ever recorded, but I’m just going

to add that in the article to make sure that’s clear.

So that was very concerning.


And that’s because glyphosate is being sprayed as a drying agent on chickpeas.

I mean, that level is, it’s almost irrefutable that it will have an effect on a human being

health. It is, you know, it’s, it’s, I believe 41 times higher than what the office of environmental

hazards says somebody should be exposed to. It’s way far above what the EU allows. So, you know,

that, that level is extremely concerning. And then we found pesticides in, you know, even Bob’s

Red Mill and King’s Arthur Flower. Very, very sad about that. We found 2,4D. It was the

next highest amount that was found in gluten-free food. And that’s because the people are, you know,

going away from glyphosate and using more of 2,4D. And we found low, very low levels of minerals,

as expected, very, very, like less than 10% of recommended daily intake, you know,

from according to a nutritionist’s point of view. And then we also found gluten in the gluten-free

foods. And that this is something that the Ciliax Association says that 50% of the people who eat

gluten-free still have reactions. We’re like, okay, well, maybe that’s because there’s still

gluten in there. So we tested in three out of the 46 samples, which was simple Mills Brownie mix,

made good soft double baked chocolate cookies, and simple Mills almond flour crackers had levels

above the FDA for allowable levels of gluten. And then, yeah, they had 56, 59, and 31 parts

per million of gluten, and they’re not supposed to have above 20, according to the FDA. Now, the

The gluten-free certification organization says that you shouldn’t have above 10 parts

per million.

So there were three additional samples that had level of gluten above 10 parts per million,

and that was Jovial Spaghetti, go macro berry granola bar, and char pretzels that had levels

of gluten above 10 parts per million.

So this is very concerning for people who have children or family members with celiac

or they do and they’re wondering why the heck do they not feel good after eating this

gluten-free product. This is unacceptable. You cannot tell me that these companies cannot

do tests for gluten. You cannot tell me that they can’t batch test and figure this out.

I mean, that’s their responsibility in making these products the same with glyphosate, the

same with heavy metals. Heavy metals is an 85 to $140 test. And that’s for people like

us who are just doing one batch, you know, if it’s a company doing batch testing every

every month, or every week, you’d think that price would even be lower, right?

So this is something that is avoidable.

And yet they are allowing it, and the food manufacturers and the regulatory agencies

are allowing this, and therefore directly impacting the health of Americans today.

And not just our health, our mental health, our reproductive health, and our ability to

do our jobs to go to school, to have meaningful relationships.

I wish I could know how many divorces have been caused by people eating glyphosate sprayed

grains or toxic–

We found, in fast food, we found butinidiol, it’s a central nervous system depressant that

causes combatant illness.

How many marriages have been destroyed by somebody eating Jack in the box or, you know,

some fast food that has butinidiol in it and coming home and being abusive or

a woman eating a whole thing a cake and being completely crabby every single night of their

marriage and the husband just having enough of it because this woman’s eating gluten,

sprayed with glyphosate and doesn’t know that she becomes intolerable after doing that.

know, your relationships are impacted by what you eat.

JANNINE: Absolutely. 

ZEN: And on the deathbed, when we’re when we’re

leaving this beautiful earth, we don’t say I wish I had

another, you know, watch or different pair of Prada

shoes, we say, I wish I had spent more time with that

person, I wish that relation– I had behaved better in that

relationship. Do you know what I mean? Our regrets go to

who we are being in relationships and the food that we

eat directly impacts those relationships. So that’s the thing that I’m most motivated about

in protecting and preserving is our ability to function and to live up to our fullest potential

and to frankly procreate. I think it’s the most profound love in the world to be able to

birth a being that you created with another human being that you love and it’s very profound.

And I’d like for my children and for other people’s children to have that experience if they desire

to, you know, but to be able to have that experience.

JANNINE: Absolutely.

This is so important.

And back to, you know, back to what I talk about a lot with hormones and women going through

perimenopause and beyond.

I mean, we get moody just because the hormones shifts, adds some food in with all this and

oh my gosh.

ZEN: It’s, it’s, I’m going through that right now.

It’s, it is, there’s days and I’m just like, it’s probably a good idea if I do not talk

to anybody today.

You would probably, you know, and that’s just with the hormones when I’m not eating, you

know, gluten or wheat.

It’s just a, it is, there is a hormonal shift that’s happening.

Compare that with teenagers.

I know some people said to me, you know how I know that God was not a, is not a woman?

Menopause and teenagers happening at the same time.

But then, then I had somebody who was a friend who’s very religious, but actually if we had

children when we’re, when God made us like 19, 20 years old, right, we would not be having

teenagers at the same time with menopause. We have delayed, we have gone against what, you know, a lot of

our body or nature or God has set us up to be by thinking we need to, you know,

earn tons of money and have these big fabulous careers before we have children. So most people

are having children in the 30s now versus their 20s. And so this whole menopause, you know, teenage

thing is happening. Yeah, it’s one other subject for another show, I’m sure.

JANNINE: Oh my gosh, we probably do like a whole week of shows on that one.

ZEN: Yeah.

JANNINE: Oh man, well, thank you so much for coming back on Zen.

So much great information.

I can’t wait to put this one out and let folks really soak it in.

How about that?

That’s probably the best way to give up this one.

ZEN: And we do have lists on our website, which gluten-free products rated the lowest and

which ones were the highest.

You can screenshot those, take them with you when you shop.

And keep in mind, this is not a conclusive study.

This is not every gluten-free product on the market.

We just don’t have the money for that.

So if any of your viewers are willing to be able to donate towards future testing in our

programs, we really appreciate that.

If you know a millionaire or a billionaire who just says, “Yeah, we think you should

have a million dollars a year just to test.”

I think that’s something that is crucial because the FDA is not doing their job.

So we’re looking for supporters to be able to support more testing and expose what’s

going on in the food supply.

And when we can do over 40 samples, that is a scientifically significant number that

the FDA and the EPA cannot ignore.

And so we really appreciate support for that.

JANNINE: Absolutely guys.


You guys can.

Moms Across America head over there.

You’ll get like we’re talking about list resources.

You can donate, but not only that, I mean, just have so much great information and we

gotta tell folks, make sure you guys check out Zens podcast with Dr. Michelle Perro and

Stephanie Seneff. That’s the new MD’s, Mother’s Doctors and Scientists. Gosh, you know, that,

you guys are new and just all of the podcasts, I was like, hey, I listen to all these. So, we’ll

have that. 

ZEN: Thank you so much. Yeah, and go to Moms Across Americans, click on Connect,

sign up for our newsletter. And we have a Monday night Moms Connect call that’s not a show,

it’s a discussion. And we have guests on there and people can ask questions. And we also have

the Neighborhood Food Network, which is And that supports you in growing

food in your neighborhood and connecting with your neighbors. It’s part of the solution,

you know, creating a parallel food system. And my book is on Amazon. And any of the scientific

facts I mentioned today are all backed up by data on our website under

under data. So please do peruse that in any of the 400 articles that we’ve posted about these topics.

JANNINE: Great stuff, Zen. I have no doubt you’ll be back on with more stuff that we can share with folks

because guys, as it stands, you can speak out against this. You can talk to others, but you

can also use your wallet to make change. Thanks again, Zen. Appreciate it. 

ZEN: Thank you. Take care Jannine

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Jannine Krause

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