Do you suspect you have food allergies or sensitivities but don’t have time to go to multiple appointments to manage your health?  Suspect your kids or grandkids have behavioral issues related to the food that they are eating? Not finding food sensitivity tests accurate or struggling with committing to an elimination diet? Curious if there’s something out there that can help keep your allergies or sensitivities at bay? Dr. Ynge Ljung is an acupuncturist, naturopathic doctor, creator of The Allergy Kit and author of Finding Your Lost Child, understanding allergies, nutrition and detox in autism and children on the spectrum. On this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Dr. Ynge Ljung on how to manage allergies and sensitivities easily at home for adults and kids that are noticing behavioral and health changes related to food. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to use a DIY allergy kit to end allergies and sensitivities
  • How sensitivities to the waste & dead carcasses of parasites cause allergy issues
  • The connection between poor nutrient absorption & food sensitivities
  • How chronic candida infections can be related to food sensitivities or allergies
  • Why you often crave what you’re allergic or sensitive to

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