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Ways To Alleviate Low Back Pain

Hello everybody Dr. Janine Krause here. I’m going to talk about ways to get your pastor check so that you can get rid of your low back pain. Did you know that the fourth leading cause of death in humans is sedentary as some. Why? We sit at our desk all day long. We end up tightening up the front of our bodies. And we don’t strengthen the backside of our body. So then we end up week. We end up with illnesses we fall all kinds of things start happening and so I’m here to show you a couple of different tricks that you can do to work to prevent low back pain. Especially if you have a job where you’re sedentary. And so first things first. Right in the front here we have a big muscle it’s a combination of a muscle it has two parts it’s called the LEO so as but it has does so as switch comes from T 12 so this middle part of your belly coming down and then attaches on the inside here of your growing at the lesser trochanter so little bit of anatomy and physiology for you and then we have a muscle called the iliac yes that’s kind of on the inside of our headphones here and that joins the so as major and attaches down at your lesser trochanter and so those guys are always stuck in this kind of position when you’re sitting they become nice and strong but unfortunately they get so strong that they pull your back out of alignment so your spine they also can pull your pelvis out of alignment as well and so a lot of us are sitting in this type of position and we might be leaning one way or the other depending on what we need for work or depending on that were not even paying attention to what were doing and the other thing is that we often times have this kind of position with our backs swayed out now that’s not so good for your low back and for your pelvis the idea here is to talk your tailbone under so talk that detail in also great time to tighten up your abs just so you can punch those ads like if someone was to punch you you got it you got it you’re not in the fall so tightening up your abs and sucking do some but squeezes helps to put your pelvis in a good position now the other thing is that if were sitting all day and these have flexors are super tight well guess what our glutes and our hamstrings become weak so one way to work on that is to work on squeezing those glutes and someone to do a little but squeeze not know if you can see this here working on trying to squeeze things and over squeeze it so you can kinda see with my demo often times I have people tighten up their glutes as tight as they can just squeezing those butt cheeks as much as they can almost like if you put a potato chip there while maybe not because you might crunch it but how about holding a pencil between those two butt cheeks so we hold that there we squeeze it for about 30 seconds and then we let go or what you can do is keep squeezing you can like give yourself a little be like and squeezing your butt cheek I do this all day long why because they it’s kind of fun actually but it helps to tighten his glutes now another thing you can do is work on tightening those hamstrings up and straightening the those guys will show that another demo but one thing to think about here is that from the waist down this area this is our foundation’s are pillars this is our strength is what prevents us from falling is what prevents us from slipping it’s also what holds our body up and it’s these guys aren’t strong then it sets us up for a lot of the issues as we get older and so it’s key key key to keep yourself strong in the lower half of the body now I’m not discounting the upper half but nevertheless just want to put it out there that the stronger the lower body is the better you’re going to be off in the future and so also the better your gonna be off with your low back why because low back strength is about your core it’s also about a perfect balance between your hip flexor’s in your glutes you don’t want one or the other stronger why because they’re gonna pull back and forth in the gonna pull that pelvis out of alignment and then they’re going to cause your low back to be out of alignment and a lot of times will have that back pain that appear but in all reality our issue is more in the pelvis and so, and exaggerate a little bit see how my backs kinda like this lot of people are walking a round doing that why because their bellies are hanging over and theyre kind of pulling and things talk that tailbone under I know it looks kind of funny with me exaggerating it rolled those shoulders back and now you’ve got the perfect posture pull the chin back now you’re working on neck pain prevention back pain prevention so thoracic midback pain prevention and your low back pain prevention so moral of the story is subject and under decent but squeezes to try to balance out that tension you create in your hip flexor’s when you’re sitting down all day and if you can and I highly encourage it out of every hour that you are awake during the day tried to stand up and move at least 10 to 20 minutes or so maybe get up and do some marches lunges little squats whatever you can do to keep you moving throughout the day thanks for watching!

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