Are you working a job that doesn’t give you joy? Are you feeling frustrated or stuck in life? Or are you in a relationship that’s not working or fear you’ll never find love? Is it possible that you are not in alignment with your core values? Are you stuck in a cycle of doing things you don’t love and self-sabotaging yourself further? When you stop listening to your inner voice your heart screams back at you in many ways. Unfortunately, all of these things are so common and the root of mental and physical illness.

In this episode of the health fix podcast I’m interviewing Aaron McCormick – he’s a successful entrepreneur turned author who went from growing up on the south side of Chicago to making millions at IBM. What he learned along the way from conducting business with empathy, to interpersonal relationships and staying committed to listening to his inner voice are what he’s sharing with the world in his new book UNBOUNDED: JOURNEY TO YOUR WITHIN. In this episode we are going to dive deep into how your subconscious mind is holding you back from connecting with your heart, your joy and your true self so you love your life and what you do.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How anxiety can be turned into a superpower
  • Why time is your most valuable asset
  • How to start using your heart vs your mind to find your true self
  • Why focusing on life’s journey vs money will bring you joy
  • Why you might need to demote yourself career wise to find joy
  • How you attract the right people in the right situations when you are aligned mentally & physically
  • Why you need to listen to that inner voice that tells you that you are more than what you label yourself
  • How facing your fears & what you’ve learned to be true are key to helping you move forward



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