What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why neurosteroids are great to calm anxiety, anger & agitation
• How we become depleted in neurosteroids
• How you can regulate your stress response
• How elevated histamines cause brain agitation

Resources from the Show:
Ep 146 – How Chronic Infections and Neuroinflammation Trash your Nervous System
ParaSym Plus – TJ Nutrition
Neurotransmitter Testing – Labrix
• Notes from Dr. Krause’s Protocols for Neurosteroids and Neuroinflammation

CURCUM EVAILDesigns for Health AND BOSWELYA PLUS by Ayush Herbals; COVER 3

HOW TO REGULATE STRESS RESPONSE – vagus nerve affected by reduced neurosteroids:
EX:Fatigue, dizzy, Blood Pressure changes, agitation
Parasym Plus by Dr. Diana Driscoll
Passionflower, GABA, glutamine, B6 (P5P), Mag, 5 HTP, B1
Taurine – helps ion transport into brain
Further de-inflame nerves -acetyl carnitine – 300 mg three times a day, MSM 1-4g three times a day (in apple sauce/nut butter)

Agitation, anger, insomnia – Stress increases histamine in the brain
– shows with increased agitation/skin issues/insomnia
Vitamin B5 1-2 g with 1 g Vitamin C every meal
Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone and B Complex

Agitation/anger – Glutamate build up in brain – NAC and B Complex; theanine/Mg/ 5HTP/DIM Pro
(can’t use NAC – use molybdenum 500 mcg x 1 mo then 100-300 mcg qd) Allows for sulfur processing.

Anxiety/panic attacks: Lithium slows glutamate formation/uptake – affects Na+ channels

LABS: Neurotransmitter testing, homocysteine/A1c (elevations increase blood brain barrier damage), infections
You may need broad spectrum treatment – artemisinin for bugs Quicksilver brand put in nut butters to tolerate

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