Having issues losing hair and don’t know why.? Maybe you’ve taken hair and nail supplements for months and you haven’t seen any results. There is a good chance that your body is irritated from chronic stress and you are eating the wrong foods!


When we’re stressed, we don’t break down our food like we should. We’re not allowing ourselves to absorb iron, B-12 and all the other vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need for hair growth.

Ditch the Junk Food

The number one thing to get rid of is junk food. If the food you are going to eat is not in it’s form closest to nature it needs to be out of your life because the artificial sweeteners, stabilizers, flavors and artificial dyes are all irritating to the gut. If the ingredient list has items that you can’t pronounce, then move on to another product.

Avoid Synthetic Folic Acid

About 50% of us cannot process synthetic folic acid is in every processed food that comes in a bag, box or container. Sadly, many of our vitamins, dairy products and even organic foods are fortified with folic acid.


Enriched flours and many pre-natal vitamins are easy to point out as containing folic acid. I highly recommend switching to supplements that contain Folate instead of Folic Acid.

What’s the difference between Folate and Folic Acid?

If your body cannot process synthetic folic acid, your cells struggle to detoxify and process vitamin B12.  This causes mood issues, chronic fatigue and pain in addition to miscarriages.

Click here for more information Folic Acid and Pregnancy  


Unsuspecting Foods that Can Cause Hair Loss

Many popular and seemingly healthy foods have natural defense mechanisms, that protect the plant yet irritate our gut and keep us from absorbing critical nutrients. Nutrients like iron, iodine, selenium, magnesium, B12 and Biotin are all critical nutrients for hair growth, and can be missed if our body is dealing with toxic inflammation.

Beans, grains, dairy, coffee, chocolate, nightshades all contain lectins. These naturally occurring proteins are meant to protect the seeds from being digested so that it can travel and sprout in a new location.

Certain people are highly sensitive to lectins. This sensitivity causes inflammation in the gut, which can precipitate other of health issues such as joint inflammation and fatigue.

Luckily there are some things we can do to combat this!

To see if decreasing your lectin intake helps,try one month of ditching all beans, grains and nuts to see how you do. Often when people are losing hair and don’t know why, it has to do with a particular food or ingredient that is irritating the gut and preventing absorption of proper nutrients.

Beneficial Bacteria

Maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria in our gut is critical in making sure we are absorbing the nutrients we need for healthy hair. I highly highly recommend getting in at least five billion organisms a day of a beneficial bacteria.

My favorite probiotics companies are Megaspore, Klaire Labs, GoLive and Orthomolecular Orthobiotics.  Pick up some probiotics today and include them in your regimen whenever you take your antioxidants.



Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid is often deficient in folks who are stressed. We use hydrochloric acid naturally to help break down our food and help us to get the nutrients that we need from our food. I highly recommend if you don’t have acid reflux consider a digestive enzyme that has hydrochloric acid.

Don’t panic it’s not this big acid that’s going to burn your esophagus. It’s there to help you to break down your foods, and is absolutely safe as long as you’re not taking a whole bunch of them without supervision.

Chew Your Food

Another easy, natural way of breaking down your food is simply to chew it… no really! Chewing your food is the first step in the digestive process. Make sure you’re chewing your food at least 25 times, per bite, no matter what. Your teeth are there for a reason! Use them, alright?

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve addressed some potential problem areas and possible remedies, make a list of which items fit your lifestyle. Start changing your habits, and see if things begin to change!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how fixing your gut health can get your hair growing again, check out more of our resources or contact me today!

This blog is a summary of a podcast dedicated to this subject – Click here to listen to the full podcast!

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