Naked Greens recently asked me to review their Naked Greens superfood powder. Here’s my thoughts on the comparison of their product to a few others I’ve tried.

Are Green Superfood Powders All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

Getting naked in front of a crowd is terrifying.


It’s the ultimate version of transparency.


The same goes with purchasing supplements online.


You want to be assured that what you’ve purchased is going to get you the result it promised.


Chances are you’ve been duped by a supplement that’s backed by many outrageous claims…


Only to discover that it didn’t live up to it’s promises and your standards.


Not All Superfood Powders are The Same

Seems like every nutrition company, fitness & health guru has their own superfood powder.


Most of them happen to be green.


Some of them have prebiotics, probiotics, fruit and added herbs.


But really what sets them apart is quality ingredients and taste!


Who wants to drink a green drink that tastes like grass and dirt?


Not me.


Unfortunately, many companies have tried to hide the true flavor of the greens with artificial sweeteners.


Creating a green drink that tastes like you are drinking ridiculously sweet grass with a bitter aftertaste.




It’s Important to Read The Ingredients


The good news is there are companies out there like Naked Nutrition who are giving it to you straight.


No hidden artificial sweeteners just plain greens in a bottle with a few stress fighting energy boosting herbs.


Naked Greens superfood powder doesn’t have a fake sweetener trying to cover up it’s true flavor.


When you open up the container it smells like broccoli, one of the main ingredients in the greens blend.


I can’t say that about other green powders I’ve tried.


Now I can see the benefit of having a powder not smell exactly like a broccoli in all it’s sulfur glory…


But at least you know there’s actually broccoli in there.


As for other greens powders that pretty much smell like stevia or cardboard…


Can you be sure you are really getting greens?


Naked Greens lives up to the sniff test for sure – they are legit.


Might be too legit for someone that is trying to get in their greens but hates the smell and taste of broccoli and other veggies for that matter.


How Well Does it Blend?


Which brings me to my next point – “blend-ability”


Good greens powders must blend into your smoothie or protein shake seamlessly.


A gritty finish on the end of a sip is gross.


That’s the case with a lot of greens powders but not with Naked Greens.


It mixes nicely into a shake or smoothie.


And as long as you sip on your smoothie or shake and finish it within a half hour the greens powder doesn’t separate out and start to waft the scent of broccoli into the air.


In terms of mixing the greens into water or an alternative milk – I wouldn’t recommend this.


I tried Naked Greens with plain water and used a blender bottle and a plain stir stick to see what happened.


Compared to Organifi’s Green Juice – I was not able to mix Naked Greens well without having clumps linger.


The same went for cashew and almond milks.


I put Naked Greens in with cashew milk in my Vitamix and it mixed much better but like the recommendation for drinking the shake or smoothie – get it in sooner than later to avoid separation.


Taste is Everything


Naked Greens plain with water or unsweetened alternative milks wasn’t tasty at all.


The best way to use it is with a protein shake or smoothie to allow for the flavor of the fruit or protein shake to mask the greens flavor.


Having tested Naked Greens against Organifi Green Juice, Designs for Health Paleo Greens, and Amazing Grass Green Superfood I’d say that it compares to Amazing Greens in the sniff test and flavor.


Just like being naked in public there’s nothing to hide and Naked Greens lives up to that standard.


For someone who’s looking to sneak greens in their diet but has a sensitive nose and palate Naked Greens is not for you.


If you are someone who holds ingredients over flavor then Naked Greens is just what you are looking for.


Plus if you are looking for a simple product that has herbs in it to boost your energy and help you adapt to stress Naked Greens is a great product.


Allergies and Drug Interactions are a Concern with Greens Powders

With all greens powders it’s really important to analyze the ingredients as I mentioned earlier.


If you suffer from moderate to severe seasonal allergies to certain grasses it’s key to check if you have an allergy to alfalfa as many greens powders include alfalfa in them.


As a doctor I’ve seen quite a few folks with itching, rashes and digestive upset after jumping on a greens powder.


Another big thing to consider is that some greens powders have herbs in them that might interact with medications that you are currently taking.


Make sure to double check with your doctor that the herbs in your greens powder will not interact with your medications.


I’m often asked if those who have celiac disease or have a gluten sensitivity can have wheat grass and the answer is yes.


Wheat grass is the plant not the seed portion of the plant containing gluten.


However, some folks do have allergies to certain grasses as I mentioned, so review your allergy lists.


The last thing to consider with greens powders is additives, coloring agents and preservatives.


All of these agents have the potential to cause irritation in your body and this is a big reason why I’m a fan of Naked Greens and other companies that are committed to using organic ingredients, not adding fillers, additives, artificial colors or sweeteners.


The Company with The Cleanest Products that You Digest Best Always Wins

While I love veggies it’s sometimes hard to get in my 5+ cups a day.


Greens powders are a great substitute when your nutrition is lacking.


The more you know about the ingredients, their source and how they react in your body is key.


Do your homework on the companies that you are considering for greens powders and test a few out to see which feel the best or you digest the best.


Greens should give you a boost in energy so make note of your results and enjoy!


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