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Genetic Testing

Genetic testing has come a long way and is now able to pinpoint all of the genetic mutations you currently have so that you are able to discover things such as, what medications you are not able to metabolize, what vitamins you may be deficient in and what medical conditions you are predisposed to based on your genetics. Knowing this information can guide you in your medical decision making as well as serve as an optimal preventative medicine tool to guide dietary and lifestyle choices. If anyone in your family has had cancer, diabetes or heart disease it is vital to look at your genetics to see what you are up against. For example, there are many individuals that are not able to metabolize synthetic folic acid, which is added to many processed foods in the United States and the inability to process folic acid can cause heart disease, brain fog, digestive issues as well as many mental health issues including bipolar, schizophrenia and depression. I highly recommend considering genetic testing if you have been suffering with any mental health conditions and especially if you have a family history of mental health conditions. I also recommend genetic testing for anyone that is suffering from chronic fatigue, pain and mental health conditions as knowing if you have any genetic predispositions that are preventing you from achieving optimal health is far better than spending years of trial and error taking a suitcase full of supplements, vitamins and pharmaceutical medications while still not feeling 100%. Genetic testing is the ideal preventative medicine tool as it pinpoints all the areas that you should focusing on for optimal health and it truly is vital to discovering your owner’s manual.


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Genetic testing and why it’s important
for determining your owner’s manual We live

in an environment that’s light years
ahead of our genetics and we’re working

to catch up adapt if you will to the
certain environmental factors that we

have but knowing a little bit about our
genetics can help us determine what

types of nutrients we might need and
what types of foods we may or may not be

able to process Has anyone out there
ever went on a juice fast or started

eating raw or vegan and felt horrible
Well for a lot of people you might have

the genetics that you might not be able to
process certain foods, for example there are a lot of

people out there who have a mutation
called the cbs mutation a whole beta

CBS try to say that fast three times
CBS this system by own beta

place that is a genetic mutation that
does not allow us to process sulfur containing items

So sulfites in wine, you might notice you can’t drink wine, or another thing is

broccoli, onions, garlic all of those guys, great foods, always on
the list of things to eat healthy wise

but if you have a CBS mutation you
might not be able to process these, and the worse

it becomes as if you have two mutations, a double
mutation in the CBS department and so eggs are

also an issue for these folks and two
that’s one big thing to kind of keep in

mind wow ok well those are critical
components to your owner’s manual

knowing what he can and cannot digest
genetically COMT another type of genetic

mutation it is called

say that three times fast so the comt mutation is a mutation that affects

our processing of dopamine and
norepinephrine those feel good neurochemicals and

sometimes if we’re eating too many
berries so those dark purple red berries

are looking at blueberries and
cherries raspberries blackberries

someone might you know going to binge on
those cause lets face it those are delicious and

here in the Pacific Northwest they grow
wild and for a lot of people in the

summertime that is it be fabulous treat,
blueberries also a great thing here in

the Pacific Northwest but also something
that can be problematic for folks with

the COMT

mutation and so if you ever wanna
juice fast then you hit up the Berries

really hard or you’re doing the Paleo
diet or a low-glycemic diet

ok I’m gonna cut off all those other
fruits but I go right for those berries

and then he started feeling horrible and
your moods were all over the place maybe

you ended up with four years and
agitated that is a reaction of the

phenols in those berries and that is a
clear indicator a comt genetic mutation

and so you can see these types of things
are really critical information to know

to be able to determine what we can and
cannot eat or if you can get it how might

you get around that sure we do get a
little food how do you get around it so

you don’t feel horrible the other side
of this is another genetic mutation called

MTHFR mutation  that’s a mouthful that one is

in charge of processing folic acid now a lot
of our dark leafy greens have something

called folate that is a natural
occurring form of folic acid,  but most of

our breads, cereals,  milks,  they’re all
fortified with something called folic

acid prenatals have folic acid
why because we’re working to prevent

spina bifida because folic acid is used

readily in the body to help with
cellular divisions, so cellular repair and

if we had children born with spina bifida that wasn’t a good thing and so what the body

or sorry with the government did was
they fortified all of our cereal bread

you name it pretty much anything processed
that comes in a box even organic items

are not free from the fortifying folic acid and so never the less, folks that have

this mutation and in particular two
copies of this mutation have a difficult

time processing synthetic folic acid and it
can lead to a host of symptoms

from fatigue to brain fog to aches and pains to
just a general sense of not feeling well

and so there’s multiple components that
are in a act here in our scientific

world fancy foods and lab foods that
unfortunately are affecting this

negatively but there’s also you’ve seen
you talk about just a few minutes ago

berries and broccoli and garlic
and onions can also cause trouble and so

for a lot of people it’s hard to stand a
healthy diet if you eat healthy foods and you don’t feel good and

this is why genetic testing can be
extremely beneficial to guide you in the

right direction in terms of hmm should you
be avoiding certain foods or are there

certain things you can do to get around
those reactions that your body has to

those certain foods  So,  I’m doctor Jannine Krause,  this is a
little tidbit on genetic testing by no

means is this comprehensive because
there are a lot of genetic tests out

there that can give you a host of
information about your body but genetic

testing is a key component to let you
know a little bit about foods and how digest them

help certain chemicals interacting your
body but also medication also certain

types of risk factors that you may have
in your genetics and then that way you

know you have those risk factors you can
work to prevent those certain things

from coming up in your future that’s a
great way to get on top of your owner’s

manual and have those as part of it to
keep you on the right track keep you

healthy I’m Dr Jannine Krause

episode on genetic testing stay tuned for more great

information on how to create your owner’s
manual thanks for watching

Jannine Krause

Get back to your wild, active, vibrant self

Let’s figure out what’s accelerating your aging process…

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