Do you wake up each morning hoping to feel amazing but left disappointed and asking yourself what’s wrong with you?

Perhaps you’re thinking about jumping on the internet right now to see what else is out there to help you.

You’re sick of taking a ton of supplements, doing detox after detox and seeing specialist after specialist.

Chances are you are losing hope, frustrated and angry with your body for not getting better.

If only there was a solution, a light at the end of the tunnel, or even hope that you won’t feel like this forever.

Is the Movie “Root Cause” on Netflix for Real?

And along comes another documentary that intrigues but leaves you slightly skeptical.

After all you’ve been through a lot of research and treatments, you’re an expert in your condition by far.

Could lingering dental infections really cause chronic illnesses?

Maybe you’ve seen the movie “Root Cause” or you’ve heard about it from friends.

Now you’re wondering if a lingering dental infection is the cause of your health issues.

Many doctors are coming forward to say they’ve seen the same connections the movie proposes.

In my office I’ve seen the connections between dental infections and chronic illnesses.

This documentary is a real eye opener and should be taken seriously.

Can Root Canals Cause Chronic Illnesses?

Root canals, wisdom teeth removal, cavities or any tooth extraction puts you at risk for a dental infection.

A root canal is performed by an endodontist and removes the root out of the center of the tooth.

So a dead tooth with no nerve or blood supply is left behind.

Root canals are performed to eliminate painful dental conditions when a tooth is sick.

This dead tooth can have decay of tissue internally that can sit for many years and fester as the root canal procedure wipes out circulation and the ability for the immune system to reach the tooth.

Leaving you with a dead tooth hanging out in your jaw that’s likely harboring infectious material.

The toxins released by the infection, which can be viral, fungal or bacterial, seep into the bone of the jaw then the blood stream.

Jaw pain, chronic lymph node swelling in the neck, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, migraines, anxiety and depression are just a few of the symptoms caused by lingering dental infections.

The same symptoms can arise when the periodontal ligament, the ligament holding the tooth to the jaw bone, is left behind with wisdom teeth removal or dental extractions.

Root canals are associated with the highest incidence of chronic dental infections compared to other procedures.

What to Do if You Suspect You Have a Dental Infection?

Chances are you are now wondering, could this be it, could this be the cause of your chronic illnesses?

Either way it’s worth it to ensure that your dental health is top notch.

Did you know that optimal dental health is linked to reductions in heart disease and increases in longevity?

Now that you are aware of your risk of having a dental infection causing your symptoms it’s time to determine what to do from here.

Step 1: Find a Biologic Dentist Near You

Biologic dentists are specially trained dentists that can focus on treating chronic dental infections and utilize non-toxic dental procedures.

You can search online for a biologic dentist near you or check out the Green Smoothie Girl’s comprehensive list of biologic dentists she compiled with a dentist.

Make sure that the dentist you find has the technology to evaluate you for an infection and treat it if necessary.

Here’s the three must haves for a biologic dentist’s office:
1) 3D Cone Beam Scanning technology – 2D x-rays won’t show the infection
2) Ozone and other non-toxic treatment therapies to eradicate infections from the bone
3) Non-toxic treatment plan that includes whole body treatment and management

Step 2: Get Your Body & Hormones in Balance

Find a naturopathic doctor, functional medicine doctor, nurse practitioner or registered dietician who focuses on total body health and hormone balance near you.

Consider creating a health care team that includes your biologic dentist, doctor and dietician for the best outcome.

Make sure the health practitioner you find to support you is doing all of the following:
• Helping you to focus on clean non-toxic eating
Daily detox with milk thistle
• pH balance of the body with wheat grass, chlorophyll or a greens powder with these
• Sleep management – get at least 8 hours a night – consider melatonin and progesterone support (especially for ladies with the progesterone)
• Reduce stress in your life – movement, breathing, meditation
• Have a saliva test done to assess your hormone levels – DHEA, cortisol, progesterone, estrogens: estrone, estradiol, estriol, testosterone
• Assess other hormones via blood – pregnenolone, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), thyroid hormones – free T3, free T4, TSH, reverse T3, antibodies to your thyroid, insulin, hemoglobin A1c
• Because heart health is directly related to oral health – cholesterol and lipoprotein fractionation, C-Reactive Protein (CRP) should be studied
Gut microbiome should be evaluated as both tissues contribute to your overall health status

Step 3: Invest in Self Care Therapies

If you’ve had an infection brewing in your body for a while your body is going to need some help ridding itself of stored toxins.

The good news is that there are a lot of therapies that can aid in your recovery.

Here’s my list of the must have self care to eliminate lingering toxins effectively.

• Infrared saunas or panels – stimulate and enhance cell detox
• Exercise and Movement – the more you move in a day the more your cells are able to clear toxins – get an activity app on your phone and track how much you move and stand in a day. Goal: quit being sedentary!
• Myofascial Release Therapy – helps the body to release toxins stuck in the skin and muscle layers of the body that contribute to pain.
Pulsed Electro-magnetic Therapy – PEMT – boosts cellular energy production by resetting fatigued and toxic cells.
• Stress Reduction Therapy – massage, acupuncture, float therapy, the Muse biofeedback breathing training, meditation

Launch Your Plan for Recovery

Waking up each morning wondering if you are ever going to find a solution to your issues is exhausting.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed right now by the amount of steps to get better.

Maybe you’ve done a lot of the stops already and didn’t find success so you’re hesitant to try again.

Imaging waking up feeling good and not having to spend countless hours searching for solutions any longer.

How amazing would it feel to get your life back?

Think of all the things you could do if you felt better…

Dental infections could be a cause or contributor to your symptoms and worth investigating.

By clearing your body of lingering infections, you will free up your body to reset itself so you can finally feel better for life.

What are you waiting for? Don’t leave this stone unturned in your journey to optimal health.

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