Have you contemplated going vegan but thought it was too much work? Worried you would starve being vegan? Eat What Elephants Eat is a nutrition and wellness program that takes the guesswork out of creating a vegan lifestyle. With customized menu plans and shopping lists you can create and save, as well direct links to Instacart and ClickList, being vegan has never been easier. Join Dr. Jannine Krause as she interviews Dominick Thompson, Chicago native, bodybuilder, vegan, and animal activist about his nutrition and wellness company Eat What Elephants Eat.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why you don’t need animal protein to gain muscle
• How to get in enough nutrients and thrive being vegan
• Why going vegan is now easy with Eat What Elephants Eat
• How meal planning and grocery list building programs make going vegan easy

Resources from the Show:

Eat What Elephants Eat – Dominik Thompson’s Vegan Nutrition Program
Crazies and Weirdos T Shirts
4 Steps to Plugging Your Leaky Gut

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