Optimizing Your Health On Your Own Is Frustrating

Perhaps you’ve been struggling with a health concern for a while.

Maybe you’ve tried different tricks, products and protocols but nothing is giving you lasting results.

Or you are wanting to do everything possible to maintain your health but you are not finding the guidance you need.

Weeding through health information online is a daunting task.

One day something is good for you and the next it’s going to kill you.

Who do you turn to for sound information when your primary doctor doesn’t have the time to address your concerns?

Having Someone to Consult About Your Health is Priceless

The medical system in the United States is broken.

Medical providers are bound to quotas and time frames in which they can see their patients.

In the short time that you have with your provider it’s difficult to get all your questions answered.

Turning to the internet for answers can be helpful but having someone to guide you is key to optimal health.

Top athletes and entrepreneurs have mentors that help them achieve their goals – why can’t you?

The Healthiest People on the Planet Have Health Mentors

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have someone that can guide you through health concerns?

Or what about having someone to chat with that knows what it takes to optimize your health?

Having someone that can hold you accountable for your health, address your roadblocks and support you in your quest for health is key to success.

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Maintaining your health saves you money over time.

Investing in yourself now to address your current health concerns while working to prevent future issues pays off.

Are you actively working to prevent hereditary conditions that your family members are struggling with?

How well do you deal with stress?

What are you doing to maintain your mobility, balance and mind?

Even Warren Buffett Invests in Himself

The number one investment advice that billionaire Warren Buffett touts is investing in yourself.

No one can take away what you put into your health.

Being sick is expensive and the true cost is the effect on your psyche.

Experimenting with different fad diets, supplements and protocols can be costly – especially if they do not work.

Why not consult with a doctor who is able to answer your questions, provide insight into your health concerns and guide you through your journey to optimal health?

What’s It Like Consulting With Dr. Krause?

I see myself as a part of your healthcare team.

Think of me as a member of your health advisory board.

You are just as much of a member as I am.

We work together to address your health concerns, assess your current health while working on steps to optimize your health and prevent issues in the future.

I address health as a combination of the following:

– Your external environment – work, area where you live, home life, family & relationships
– Your physical health – your current health status – ex: oral health, gut health, nerve health, mobility, strength
– Your mental health – cognition, memory, mood, stress management
– Your future health – goals for the future, prevention of hereditary conditions

After a comprehensive look at your health, you will receive a plan for your next steps and goals.

Visits with me are online using video streaming or via telephone, it’s your preference.

All online visits are one hour in length for first time appointments.

The first appointment includes a comprehensive plan for your current and future health goals.

Follow up visits will keep you accountable and on task toward your goals with troubleshooting along the way.

You can choose between 1 hour or half hour visits for subsequent visits.

If you are in the Tacoma, Washington area you can see me in person – check out Q Vitality Studio for details.

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