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[Audio Transcript]
Hello, Dr. Jannine Krause here and today I’m going to talk about habits that might be causing your abdominal bloating. Now some of these might be da factors, but it’s always a great reminder to go back through these and rule out these as causes of your bloating. First and foremost, a lot of us eat to fast. Maybe we have two minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes on our way from one appointment to the other to eat. Guess what? We should be taking our time to eat. Why? Because if you inhale that Jimmy John’s, guess what goes with that? A bunch of air and big particles of food. So, for every bite that you take, every single bike that you take you need to chew at least 25 times. Meals should take about a half hour. Now I know what you’re thinking. I only have a 15 minute lunch, or a half hour holy cow what would I do with that. Well trust me you’ll feel a heck of a lot better and you’re going to be quite nice to your digestive system if you’re chewing more to help it up. Now, the other big thing that we often tend to do is we drink too much liquids with the meal. So what that does is dilute all of our digestive enzymes. Now on top of that in the US here we might also have a big old glass of ice water. Which is doesn’t just of suicide per se. Why? Because the ice just like if you put ice on your skin. It numbs your whole stomach and so it’s not going to be very effective at breaking down food. So later on, you might feel like you have gut bomb or you might end up with a little burping or you might end up with even a little more bloating or you might end up with some more issues like diarrhea. Another issue that you can have is you might be talking while you’re eating. Let’s face it most of us don’t like to eat alone and so sometimes we have a friend or we might be on the cell phone. Anytime you’re talking and eating you’re sucking in air. Guess where that air goes? Goes in and its got to come out someway. It’s gonna cause bloat or its going to come the other way or it’s going to come up this way. So then you won’t be too fun at a party in that case. Now the next thing is smoking or vaping in that case. Your sucking in air. That air has to go somewhere. If you like to suck on hard candy, that can also cause issues and cause some more bloating for you. Fizzy drinks. Of course we all know Soda is not the best option and so a lot of us turned to sparkling waters and things of that nature. Those are carbonated just as much. Those can be causing some bloating as well. Dentures, if you have dentures make sure you’ve got that gel in there to tighten those guys up the looser the dentures are the more you’re sucking on a little bit of air. Another biggy is alcohol. Sugar alcohols which you find in some of our sugar-free candies can cause a lot of gastric irritation, but also alcohol from just drinking. That can also cause some bloating. So keep that in mind if you drinking alcohol and eating a meal you need to take your time. Savor every bite and chew as much as you possibly can. That way the meal will last longer, you will have a longer enjoyment of that dinner and it will be even better for you in the long run. So one big thing to think about in that case is that alcohol definitely does cause some bloating. Now the last thing of course is the da factor. Beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli all farty foods. That stuff can yes, cause some issues. So the bigger thing to remember is that if you have issues with those foods, eat them in moderation. You can actually change your way that your digestive system breaks down things such as beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli. You can use a tablespoon a day for about two weeks and then you’re good to go. You can start too up the amount. Now, the average serving for these party foods is about a half a cup. If you go over that in the sitting you’re going to have some trouble. Pair that with eating too fast and now you’ve got digestive suicide. So, let’s just sum it up. Make sure to chew your food. Take your time chewing your food, and enjoy your meals so you don’t have as much bloating. Drink water. Drink other types of liquid but drink it at room temperature and drink it sparingly throughout a meal. Save it for before or for a short while afterwards. This is Dr. Jannine Krause you’ve watched my video on how to prevent bloating and all those habits that are causing your bloating. Have a great day!


Jannine Krause

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