5 Steps to Obtain Optimal Health | Part 3

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Balance Your Adrenals

We live in a stressful environment that our cave-person genetics have not caught up with yet. Work, relationships and daily tasks are seen as bears chasing us that we just can’t seem to escape. This wears on our adrenals. We are still animals and our adrenals like routines. The best way to fix being stressed out is to set a routine for yourself just like when you were a kid and you had a wake up and go to bed time. Set wake up, bedtime, meals and time block all of your day so you can get that routine down pat. Organize your home as clutter and disarray stress the mind and adrenals. Consider taking herbal support to balance the adrenals such as ashwagandha, siberian ginseng, lemon balm and oat straw.

Balance Your Hormones

Proper hormone balance is critical to an optimally functioning body. From where we store fat to our moods, digestion and mental sharpness our hormones are involved in one way or another. To obtain a healthy digestive system we need our estrogen-B receptors in tip top shape and available to keep the cells of our gut stuck together and prevent leaky gut. Estrogen isn’t just for ladies, guys need it too thus it’s critical to make sure you are consuming your plant based hormone helpers on a daily basis. Combine your plant phyto-hormone aid with fiber and you are able to promote proper hormone creation and recycling. I recommend the following: 2 tbsp of flax, chia or pumpkin seeds day 1 of period to day 14, 2 tbsp of sunflower or sesame seeds (tahini works too) Day 15 to start of the next period. If you have irregular periods use the cycling above but time it to the moon. If you are not getting a period because you are in menopause of you are a man use the following protocol: 1 tbsp a day of flax, chia or pumpkin & 1 tbsp a day of sunflower or sesame.

Move and Groove

The more you move the better your metabolism. We need to get up and move every hour as lack of movement is killing us slowly. the postures that we sit in are causing chronic pain and decreased mobility. Spend at least 10 minutes a day doing a mobility routine, grab a fit bit to track your movement and find ways to move 30 mins a day that are fun!

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