Are you noticing that your hair is falling out, you have patches of hair missing or thinning hair chances are this is an inflammatory reaction that started in the gut. Stress, poor food choices and nutrient deficiencies can all lead to hair loss. Healthy hair follicles need lots of nutrients and anyone who has a history of anemia is more prone to issues with thinning brittle, dry hair that falls out easily. In this episode Doc J breaks down what you need to do to reduce gut inflammation so you can start absorbing nutrients to grow hair again.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How reducing inflammation in your gut promotes hair growth
• What to eat to grow hair
• Why you are not absorbing the nutrients you need for your hair
• The connection between your gut health and hair growth

Resources From This Episode:
Hair Growth Diet
Good Bugs, Balanced Greens, Digest Better Doc J Supplements
Vital Proteins
Mountain Rose Herbals

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