Sick often? Skin not glowing, puffy eyes, dry skin, cellulite hanging around? Belly bloat got you wishing you could wear sweat pants every day? Lymph nodes swollen in the neck that just won’t go down. Chronic herpes outbreaks, warts, reactivated mono, hypothyroidism, cellulite, cancer, and inability to lose weight are all related to issues with the lymphatic system. In this episode Doc J breaks down what’s needed to flush out and move the lymph in the lymphatic system so that your body can fight what’s coming at it daily and forget about the old stuff hanging around.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• What is lymph fluid and why it’s important to maintain it
• Why issues with your lymphatic system make you fat
• Why your lymphatic system requires regular detox
• How keeping lymph moving prevents illness and cancer
• What habits to form for a healthy lymphatic system

Resources From This Episode:
5 Day Lymph Cleanse – **scroll down on my resources page to find the links**
Cleansing of the Lymphatic System Handout
• Herbs to Cleanse the Lymph Daily
– Chaparral Herb
– Poke Root
– Plantain Leaf
– Cleavers Herb
– Echinacea Root
– Red Root
– White Oak Bark
– Prickly Ash Bark

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