With Luke Perry, the 90210 heart throb of the 90’s, dying recently many are inquiring about their own stroke risk. If you’re stressed out, have high blood pressure, diabetes or pre-diabetes, have elevated cholesterol, have a family history of stroke, smoke, drink heavily, take birth control, are over weight and are inactive you are at a higher risk for a stroke. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause answers the questions she’s been getting about strokes and discusses how to prevent them naturally.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How to know if you’re at risk for a stroke
• Why you need to memorize the signs of a stroke
• Why reducing total body inflammation prevents strokes
• How fast action prevents stroke deaths and complications

Resources from the Show:
• Stroke Info – Go Red For Women
• Take the American Heart Association’s Stroke Risk Quiz
Stroke Mechanism
• Doc J’s Stroke Prevention Guidelines
– Ask your doctor to test cholesterol with fractionation aka particle size included – ex:Quest Cardio IQ,
assess inflammation via C-Reactive Protein “crp-hs”, Complete Blood Count aka CBC – look to see if your platelets are elevated, ask your doctor to check homocysteine as it’s not in general blood test panels.
– Consider Boston Heart Diagnostics testing for advanced inflammatory marker and particle testing.
– If you are prone to stress check your blood pressure regularly
– If you are dizzy with stress check your blood pressure (BP) and see your doctor
– If you have visual changes with stress – check BP, see your eye doc – to look for increased BP effect on the vessels of your eye, see your primary care provider.
– Work on stress management to reduce BP and consider Hawthorne Berry or Carditone by Ayush Herbals as herbal therapies.
– cholesterol lowering – CholestePure II Pure Encapsulations, consider niacin extended release (by prescription from your doctor), Moducare – plant sterols, Nordic Naturals ProOmega, eat clean, don’t eat hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils of any kind = trans fats – labels can say 0 trans fats if 0.5 g per serving but what if you eat say 4 servings a day?, limit fried foods, eat raw sprouted nuts instead of roasted nuts, limit fried potato/tortilla/root veggie chips, cook using expeller pressed oils over med-low heat; avocado oil high heat; use only unrefined (virgin) coconut oil on a limited basis as it is connected to elevating cholesterol in some individuals.
Berberines – work up to 1500 mg nightly, Alpha Lipoic Acid 1,200 mg, Intermittent fasting, fix gut lining – MegaMucosa and MegaSpore probiotic – (code DrJWKrause to purchase**), low refined carbohydrate diet, eliminate sugars to control diabetes or lower blood sugar as even a daily 100 mg/mL fasting blood sugar raises risk and that’s still considered in the normal range for a fasting blood sugar.
– If taking synthetic hormones for menopausal symptoms or birth control consider alternative therapies or options.
– Stop smoking and really stop if on birth control
• Work on achieving a healthy weight for you
• Movement – increase it – dance, play, walk, wiggle, hula hoop, march, don’t sit so much!
• 30-35 grams of fiber a day – 6-8 cups fruit and veggies with at least 5cups veggies a day
• Treat obstructive sleep apnea – get tested for it via home sleep studies; morning headaches can be sign
• Don’t do drugs, drink alcohol in moderation
• Get headaches evaluated by your doctor – MRI or CT of the brain especially if migraines and go to ER if you are experiencing your first or worst headache
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