Stress, poor diet, insomnia, and leaky gut cause chronic inflammation in the body that promotes virus replication. We all have viruses hanging out in our bodies whether they are provoking symptoms or not depends on your total body health. Viruses can hijack your ability to make energy and kill your metabolism. They can also cause chronic lymph node swelling in your neck. In this episode Doc J breaks down how many of the common complaints from insomnia, to fatigue and pain can be related to chronic viral infections.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why not managing stress promotes viral infections
• How your gut issues are related to chronic infections
• The connection between chronic pain and viruses
• How viruses hijack your energy resources & kill your metabolism

Resources From This Episode:

Great article on Viral Reactivation
HSV 2 Research Data
HSV 1 Research Data
Dr. Morse’s Lymphatic Cleansing Tinctures
Doc J’s Guide to Fighting Viruses

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