A detox can be useful to clear toxins from the body and reset after a long run of eating out, making poor choices and drinking too much but is it really worth it? Too many people try to detoxify their bodies but don’t have the vitamins and minerals in their body to do so. Unfortunately, all too often we detox, don’t even know if we cleared anything out of the system and then go right back to re-toxing ourselves the day after the detox. After you finish a detox the goal is to focus habits to keep your immune system running on all cylinders and your blood sugar balanced but we rarely do this. We are inundated with all kinds of viruses, bacteria, mold and other toxins that detoxes can’t clear and your body is fighting daily to keep at bay. Add to that our sugar cravings, snack food habits and high stress lifestyles that keep our blood sugar out of balance and we have a recipe for quick aging disaster. In this episode Doc J breaks down why detoxing every so often is not enough to ward off autoimmune disease, heart disease and diabetes.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why detoxing isn’t enough to stay healthy
• How fad diets popular right now can make you sick
• Why some of the fittest people have trashed cells
• How to keep your cells primed to detoxing all the time

Resources From This Episode:

J Muenz – fearfultofit.com

3 Phases to Restore Your Health
PHASE 1 x 3 months – fix gut – collagen – Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, probiotics, bone broth. L-glutamine, marshmallow/licorice root, beets to move bile
Move lymph – Epsom salts, lymph drainage, red light infrared therapy, cleavers, poke root, food allergy, etoh, smoking,vaping
PHASE 2 – kill bugs boost immunity x 2 months – Biocidin; Olivirex
PHASE 3 – stay healthy – probiotic, Cod Liver Oil/Tuna Oil, Curcumin – Meriva Thorne, Calcium Lactate – Standard Process, collagen complex – Standard Process, Catalyn – Standard Process – foods based multi, Echinacea Premium – Standard Process
All the vitamins and minerals to detox all the time – vitamin C, E, B6; Zinc, Magnesium
Chew 25x/bite, beet root, portion control, stop inflammatory foods – wheat, dairy, corn, soy and sugar
Exercise/move/mobility/walk after meals
Breathe – 5 count inhale and 7 count exhale/ try out the Muse – choosemuse.com
Breaks/Fun/Nature/Light Therapy
Organize your home and work
Have Systems for everything in life
Keep Lymph Flowing – lymphatic drainage massage
Hydrate; Electrolytes – sodium, potassium, chloride – juice of 1/2 lemon, 3 grains salt, 1/4 tsp honey 8 oz water – home made electrolyte drink
6-8 c veggies a day

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