Are your thoughts triggering you & stressing you out? Have you been to countless counselors & not finding solutions in your quest to “fix yourself?” What if there’s nothing to fix & instead an awareness to be mastered? Most humans have been programmed to think negatively about so many situations, events & factors in life that these thoughts compile & cause repeated stress. And the more these thoughts persist the more space the brain dedicates to these thoughts. But what if you were able to become aware of those thoughts & change your perspective to transform the space in your brain dedicated to negativity? Don Joseph Goewey is a best selling author, editor and executive director of De Mello Spirituality Center. In this episode of The Health Fix, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Don on how to use your thought awareness to transform your life, happiness & prosperity.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Why you’re currently programed to fearful & worry about everything
– How to fear keeps you stuck in stress mode & causes cancer
– How what you are aware of you can control
– What to do right now to stop fixing yourself & instead use awareness to rewire your brain

Resources from the Show:
Find out more about Don Joseph Goewey & Anthony DeMello’s book – Stop Fixing Yourself, Wake Up All is Well 

Don Joseph Goewey’s Book – The End of Stress

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