Do the short days of fall and winter get you down? Do you suffer from seasonal affective disorder, struggle with insomnia or moodiness in the fall and winter? Did you know that there are key habits to follow to make sure that you adjust to seasonal changes without a hitch. The better adapted you are to seasonal change is tied to how well you stick with sleep and wake schedules, eating schedules and allowing yourself to unwind and recharge each evening. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down why you need to reset your circadian rhythm each fall for optimal health and longevity.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why not resetting your circadian rhythm lowers your life expectancy
• How timing of sleep, exercise and meals affects your circadian rhythm
• How creating set schedules for food, exercise and sleep can regulate your circadian rhythm
• Why eating late and overeating take years off your life

Resources from the Show:
Suprachiasmatic Nucleus – Mission Control
The Complete Guide to The Science of Circadian Rhythms
• Fasting, Circadian Rhythms and Time Restricted Feeding in Healthy Life Span
• Circadian Rhythm and Hormonal Homeostasis

– light therapy – each am 20 minutes of light box – Verilux Tablet happy light
– stop blue light/dim lights at 7-8p to support melatonin production by 9p.
– no screen time one hour before bed
– stretch, mobility, yoga, foam roll hour before bed – wind down
– take melatonin 1-3g and 5HTP evenings starting in Oct
– take vitamin D 10,000 IU starting Oct til May
• Eating – don’t eat after 7p; keep dinner smallest meal
• Fast 12-14 hours from dinner to breakfast
• Eat on a schedule – Breakfast 8- 9a, lunch 12 or 1p, dinner 5 or 6p
• Regulate body temp – showers with hot and cold, end cold
• Don’t wear too much clothing to bed – sleep temp bedroom cooler – 60-67 degrees
• Check your thyroid; use Thyroid Support Gaia – you might not need after reset circadian rhythm
• If extremely fatigued boost cortisol production and regulate stress with adaptogenic herbs – HPA Axis Maintenance Gaia Herbs
• Exercise consistently – HIIT with strength training is best
• Stress management – breathing, do what you love, goof off, smile, laugh, spend time with family off screens in evening

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If you reset your circadian rhythm each fall you’ll adapt better to seasonal change. Want to learn how to be as healthy as you can be as you get older? Click Below Now!

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