Michael Hodge battled pelvic floor pain for 5 years searching for answers and solutions. Then he found Dr. Brianne Grogan’s Femfusionfitness youtube video on pelvic floor releases and started doing them regularly. At the same time he teamed up with a pelvic floor specialized chiropractor. Since then Michael has partnered with Dr. Bri Grogran to offer the program, Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men, to help men just like him overcome pelvic floor dysfunction. Today Michael and I are going to talk about pelvic floor pain.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why nutrition can be related to pelvic floor dysfunction
  • How specific muscle release techniques relieve pain
  • Why men in their 20’s are susceptible to pelvic pain
  • How daily release techniques can relieve and keep pain at bay for life


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