Dreaming of being pain free? Chronic low back or knee pain keeping you from all the epic things you want to do? Can’t seem to keep your hamstrings from tightening up on you during workouts? Shin splints keeping you from running? Your feet are your shock absorbers and the propulsion engines that keep you walking, running, and jumping. Are you taking care of them like you should? Too many of us focus on only the parts of our body that hurt and forget about the crucial role of the feet in our overall health. In this episode Doc J talks about how taking care of your feet is critical to be pain free, enhance your athletic abilities and keep you spry well into your 100’s.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why you lack of attention to your feet is causing you pain
• Why you can’t stop pain in your legs and back without addressing you feet
• Why knowing your foot size and type of foot is crucial to your long term health
• How to improve the health of your feet right now

Resources From This Episode:
A Very Thorough How To Analyze Gait Video
Foot/Ankle Mobility Assessment and Improvement – Airrosti Rehab – Lacrosse Ball Rolling
Foot/Ankle Mobility Video
Foot Mobility Without Tools
Reflexology Map
Reflexology Video
Best Shoes for High Arches

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