Morning nausea is a sign that something is off overnight. Blood sugar imbalances, acid reflux, post-nasal drip are among the most common causes. Stress, sleep apnea, and hormonal imbalances can also be to blame. Taking a look at your symptoms, diet, habits, and lifestyle can clue you into what’s happening, especially if the nausea lasts all day. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down ways to sleuth out what’s causing your nausea so you can fix it and start enjoying mornings again.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why your dinner can cause morning nausea
• The connection between cortisol and nausea
• Why your nighttime routine sets you up for nausea
• The connection between allergies and nausea

Resources from the Show:
Alcat Food Sensitivity Testing
Environmental Working Group’s Searchable Toxins in Cosmetic’s Database
EWG’s Dirty Dozen Hormone Disruptors
Elite HRV for heart rate variability testing – to evaluate stress-life balance
ZRT Labs for hormone testing
ZRT Labs for lead, mercury and other environmental toxin testing
– 8 oz water with juice from 1/4th of a lemon & apple
– 8 oz water with juice from 1/4th of a lemon & 4-6 simply salted rice crackers
– Ginger, lemon tea with raspberries or an apple
– Mini protein shake with raspberries
– 8 oz of water & ground chicken – ¼ cup
– Doc J’s Electrolyte Drink – Juice from 1/4th of a lemon, 3 grains of sea salt, ¼ tsp honey, 8 oz of water – drink each morning or anytime with nausea.
– Allergies – Quercetin/Nettles – Histablock by Nature’s Sunshine or Aller C by Vital Nutrients

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