You’re not evolving genetically in response to your fast paced environment and lifestyle. But yet you keep working against your genetics by taking a stressed body and making it produce more of the stress hormone, cortisol. The harder you work the more tired and heavier you become. Instead of looking inward you keep searching for the next diet or workout that will solve your problems. What if the solution isn’t about working harder but smarter? In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause chats with Coach Meredith Beard about her Primal Health Coach Certificate training, how adopting the concept of less is more lifestyle and working with your cave person genetics is a sustainable route to optimal health.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• The 10 concepts to focus on for sustaining optimal health
• Why less intense more calculated movements are ideal
• Why excessive cardio and weight lifting keep your fat
• Why working out your brain is key for optimal health

Resources from the Show:
• 10 Key Factors for Optimal Health:
• 1) Eat plants and veggies
• 2) Avoid poisonous processed “franken-foods”
• 3) Move Often
• 4) Lift Heavy Things
• 5) Sprint Once in a While
• 6) Get Plenty of Sleep
• 7) Play
• 8) Get Plenty of Sunlight
• 9) Avoid Stupid Mistakes
• 10) Use Your Brain
• Find a Primal Health Coach Online
• Coach Meredith’s suggestion for anyone wanting to improve their foot health – The Foot Collective

Jannine Krause

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