Do you have stiff joints, decreased balance & mobility or increased aches and pains? When’s the last time you checked your mobility and balance skills? Did you know that your ability to balance is one of the predictors of longevity? Did you know your ability to move your joints well prevents injuries? As a kid your play incorporates trials that challenge mobility, while promoting balance and sensory exploration. As you age you stop playing and with that you lose your balance and mobility skills. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down why it’s important to incorporate mobility and balance training into your weekly exercise routine.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How rocks and logs are great tools for balance training
• Why you need to train your sensory & mechanoreceptor nerves
• How you lose balance and mobility skills as you age
• Why balance and mobility training decreases pain, prevents injury and improves strength

Resources from the Show:

15 Best Bosu Ball Exercises And Benefits To Improve Balance And Core Strength
40 Bosu Ball Circuit Training Exercises
Great CARs mobility routine
• Dr. Andreo Spina – creator of Kinstretch
Proprioception: where are we now? A commentary on clinical assessment, changes across the life course, functional implications and future interventions
Better Balance Routine – Caroline Jordan
Nerves of the Leg and Foot
• Dr. Axe’s Propriceptive Training Routine
• Dr. Krause’s Sensory Training Recommendations – spend 5 minutes each day playing – balance on one leg on a parking block, play with a bosu ball, use a log as a balance beam, take your shoes off and walk on rocks – have fun!

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