Dr. Allen Lycka was a leading cosmetic dermatologist in the prime of his life when he was diagnosed with ALS and given six months to live.  After fighting the diagnosis, he is here today as a result of his courage, determination and self advocacy.  Turns out Dr. Lycka had lyme disease not ALS.  Following being treated for chronic lyme, Dr. Lycka became a transformational speaker, thought leader, coach, mentor and author who used his experience to co-author the book The Secrets of Living A Fantastic Life with Harriet Tinka.  He has been a guest on dozens of television, radio shows and podcasts, as well as featured in numerous newspaper articles, blogs, and magazines.  In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Dr. Lycka on his 13 pearls to live a fantastic life.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why it’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do with the situation
  • Why it’s key to always look for second opinions & outside the box for answers
  • Why mindset is everything when it comes to chronic illness
  • How bringing enthusiasm to every day improves your health

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