There are chemicals lurking in your kitchen routine that are affecting your hormones and metabolism. These hormone disrupting chemicals can cause obesity, infertility, hair loss, thyroid conditions and even certain types of cancers. In this episode, Doc J goes through the common chemicals in our daily lives that might be disrupting our normal hormone function and slowing down our metabolisms.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why your spatula & frying pan are causing your hormone issues
• How food storage products are slowly killing you
• Why getting rid of plastics in your home is crucial for your health
• The connection between toxic levels of lead, cadmium and aluminum and your cookware

Resources From This Episode:
Two Kitchen Junkies – Ceramic Vs. Teflon
• The Dirty Hormone Disrupting Dozen Handout – Environmental Working Group
The Best Home Water Filters
Xtrema Cookware
Ceramic Cookware Review –
• Irina Webb – Safe Cookware Review
Dr. Mercola’s Non-toxic Cookware made by Xtrema
Moducare by Thorne
DIM Detox by Pure Encapsulations

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