Have you noticed that your mood improves and you feel more alive when your warm and circulation is improved? Find that you feel best when soaking up some rays at the beach? You’re not alone. Research has shown that the skin serotonergic system is activated by warmth and sunlight. Warming up the skin via sunbathing, exercise, infrared light therapy or mechanical stimulation has been found to improve mood. Many feel a boost in mood after massage, acupuncture and other forms of bodywork, could it be the warming of the tissues inducing that warm fuzzy feeling? In this third episode on fascial tissue Doc J discusses the connection between healthy tissue, warmth, light, mechanical stimulation of the skin and mood.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why you feel better sunbathing
• Why warm temperatures boost your mood
• How exercise induced body temperature increase improves mood
• How dry infrared saunas and mechanical stimulation of the tissue boosts mood

Resources From This Episode:
JNH Saunas
Celluma Light Therapy
Joovv Light Therapy
• 1) Don’t go barefoot in the house, wear shoes that cover your feet, scarves to cover the neck (great for neck pain), don’t allow your low back to be exposed, layer your clothes to not get chilled during the day
• 2) Eat whole foods in their forms closest to nature – focus on warm foods – iron rich foods, beet soups, braised greens and drink warm tea with raw cold foods or dairy products
• 3) Exercise or Increase movement to increase circulation daily
• 4) Get a massage at least 2x a month, infrared sauna, red light therapy
• 5) Self tissue release work at least 3x a week guasha/cupping
• 6) Daily mobility work to get joints moving
• 7) Consider clearing out toxins with a detox – Start with a M’lis 7 day and move to a Standard Process 21 day detox later in the year

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