Gas, bloating, acid reflux, diarrhea or constipation got you wondering what you are supposed to be eating? Trouble losing weight? Lack of appetite or feeling ravenous all the time? Is the elimination an entire food group or a few a good idea? From gluten free to Paleo, to Autoimmune Paleo, to Ketosis, Raw, Vegan, low histamine and more, how do you know what style of eating is best for you? In this episode Doc J talks about the factors involved in making food more digestible so you don’t have to avoid food groups on your way to establishing your healthiest way to eat.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• When it’s appropriate to avoid certain food groups
• Why paying attention to portions is critical
• Why the way you prepare your food matters
• How to figure out what eating style is best for you
• Why it’s key to make foods more digestible

Resources From This Episode:

Alcat Food Sensitivity Testing – most comprehensive
US Biotek – 96 foods
Genova – NutrEval – blood and urine testing to evaluate nutrient deficiencies and metabolism
• Pathway Genomics – Pathway Fit – Genetic Testing to determine what your genetics say you should eat and the best workouts for you
• The most important healthy steps you can make today:
Choose foods closest to nature or with limited ingredients that you can pronounce; target: 5-7 ingredients
Cook food properly – buy sprouted nuts, seeds, legumes & grains or sprout/pressure cook them yourself to reduce lectins and phytic acid that irritate the gut lining
Use portion control – portion out your foods into proper portions – read labels as guides – don’t stuff yourself
Chew 25 times per bite
Eat and do nothing else – focus on just eating and relaxing
Sip on room temp or warm liquids with food – stop drinking ice water

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