Have you found yourself at a new doctor’s office and wanted to share your labs from a previous doctor in that moment? Or do you have a complicated condition that requires communication between multiple doctors but your finding they struggle to communicate? Wouldn’t you like to have all your medical information in one spot and not have to remember multiple logins and passwords should you need it when seeing a new doctor or during an emergency? The patientory app does all of that and more. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Chrissa McFarlane, the founder and CEO of Patientory. Patientory is an app that connects doctors, care providers and patients in a secure platform. Patientory is an amazing app that has the potential to change and improve healthcare.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why having your health information in one place improves the health care you receive
• How the app works
• Why it’s important to have one place to store your medical records
• How a medical records app can improve your health

Resources from the Show:
• Patientory – sign up to receive the code to unlock the app
• First sign up to receive a code to unlock the Patientory App
• Then download the app on your iPhone (Android App is coming soon)
• Next you will receive an email with your code and enter that into your App
• Get started using your App
• Keep in mind that Patientory is in it’s beginning stages and will be unrolling new features as time goes on. Right now you are able to upload your iPhone and Fit Bit data but soon you will be able upload your medical records and connect with your doctors.
• Patientory will update you on new features via the app and you can also choose to see updates via email.
• I’ll be interviewing Chrissa again to update on Patientory progress

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