Ever wondered about the connection between genetic mutations, nutrient deficiencies and brain function? In this third episode in a series of four, Doc J discusses the genetic mutations, nutrient deficiencies and dietary considerations that can compound to decrease focus, cause mood swings, provoke anxiety, induce fatigue, promote lethargy and lead to depression.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How genetic mutations affect brain chemistry
• Why everyone needs a quality multivitamin for their brain
• How processed foods break your brain
• Why genetic testing should be done before taking medications

Resources From This Episode:
Neurotransmitter Pathways Diagram
Genomind – Brain Chemistry Specific Genetic Testing
23 and Me – General Genetic Testing – Includes Methylation and Detoxification Mutation Profiles
Genetic Genie – Provides Conversion of Methylation and Detoxification Mutation Profiles for 23 and Me testing
NutraHacker – Provides Methylation, Detoxification Mutation Profiles and Depression Report from 23 and Me Results
Labrix – Saliva Cortisol Testing and Neurotransmitter Testing

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