Do you have digestive issues, itching, rashes, throat swelling, sinus congestion, cough or difficulty breathing with certain foods? Noticing that you are becoming less tolerant of certain foods as you get older? Struggling with constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating or chronic abdominal pain? Chances are you have food sensitivities due to a leaky gut not actual food allergies. Food allergy testing tests for foods that you have created an immune system reaction to and developed an immediate, IgE or delayed IgG reaction to. Doc J breaks down how food allergy testing is useful in determining the status of the gut lining barrier and if you have a leaky gut that has caused food sensitivities versus full on allergies.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• The types of food allergy testing available
• How to interpret results of food allergy testing
• How to manage food allergies and treat food sensitivities
• The connection between gut lining irritation, leaky gut and food sensitivities

Resources From This Episode:
Alcat – White Blood Cell – IgG and IgE testing, assesses sensitivities to pharmaceutical medications, spices, food preservatives, food molds, herbs and superfoods
Genova – Agglutination Testing – IgG, IgE, Foods, spices, molds, environmental allergens
US Biotek – IgG and IgE – similar to Genova
Blood Spot Testing – finger poke test – great for kids – IgG and IgE similar to Genova and US Biotek panels – less foods in the panel

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