Studies have shown that stress, anxiety and depression can be reduced dramatically with regular meditation. However, not many are able to meditate at all let alone on a regular basis. Did you know there’s a device that can teach you how to meditate a few minutes at a time? The muse is a brain sensing device that serves as your personal meditation assistant. In addition to guiding your meditation it helps to retrain your brain to react calmly under emotional stress. The Muse works by teaching you how to focus on slowing down your breath to calm your mind so you can fight stress more effectively. Many studies have shown that we can get ourselves out of the chronic fight or flight state that leaves us perpetually stressed out by taking deep breaths but does it actually work? The Muse shows you exactly what you need to do to calm your brain your way. In this episode Doc J breaks down how the muse motivated her to meditate with challenges and rewards and improved her response to stress.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How 5 minutes a day can train your brain to relax
• Why instant feedback is best for retraining the brain
• How challenges and rewards motivate you to meditate
• Why the Muse is for folks that suck at meditating

Resources From This Episode:

The Muse Brain Sensing Device
Doc J’s Muse Video Instagram

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