Tried everything to reduce your pain? When’s the last time someone looked and touched your feet? When is the last time someone watched you move and walk? How well you move and how you use and feel your feet is crucial to maintain proper postures and move well. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause discusses how everyday she is amazing by how the health of our feet predict the amount of pain we have in our bodies.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why you need to feel your whole foot
• How shoes prevent us from really feeling our feet
• Why you need to spend time barefoot
• Why it’s important to have toes and ankles that move well

Resources from the Show:
The Foot Collective – great Instagram videos and support to feel your feet better
• Focus on the “4 Corners” of your feet when you sit, walk, stand and when working out (4 corners = great toe, pinky toe, both sides of your heels). Go barefoot at home as much as you can.
• When focusing on your 4 corners – does your pain change? If not work on getting those feet, ankles and calves moving.
• Massage your feet at least 3 times a week. Pull on those toes to give them a stretch. Roll a ball on the bottom of the feet for 5 minutes. Put thin river rocks between your toes to give them space, save the toe spacer from your last pedicure and wear x 5-10 minutes.
• Use a pencil and find the tender spots around your ankles, massage your calves and stretch them out
• Let me know how you do!

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