Looking for a different approach to your healthcare?  Wondering what a naturopathic doctor is all about?  Curious about natural approaches to cancer care and what to do after treatment?  Dr. Amy Rothenberg has practiced as a licensed naturopathic medicine since 1986 and when diagnosed with cancer in 2014, Dr. Rothenberg sought care at a renowned teaching hospital and worked with providers with expertise in integrative, natural medicine oncology to create her medical dream team. Her book, You Finished Treatment, Now What? A Field Guide for Cancer Survivors is a roadmap for lifestyle and natural medicine to address health challenges that persist after care, and to reduce risk of recurrence. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Dr. Amy Rothenberg on the capacity to impact your health by making good choices related to lifestyle and natural medicine approaches. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– The back to basics naturopathic approach to medicine
– Why homeopathy is a valuable therapy
– The value of having a naturopathic doctor on your health team
– Tips on what to do when you finish your cancer treatment

Resources from The Show:

Dr. Amy Rothenberg’s Book
Dr. Amy Rothenberg’s Website

Jannine Krause

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