Do you have chronic pain, struggle to manage stress, or a history of trauma? We are not taught how to manage our stress effectively thus for many of us we hold it in and eventually it manifests itself as pain. In over a decade of practice Doc J and friend, Nichole Connelly, have found that the shoulders, hips, neck and back hold onto a lot more than just physical pain. Doc J has been impressed by Nichole’s results with her patients and wanted to share Nichole’s insight with her “Health Junkies”. In this episode Doc J interviews massage therapist and owner of Mystical Medicine Coaching Nichole Connelly about her experiences in helping patients discover the emotional source of their chronic pain.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• The emotions are tied to pain in neck, back & hips
• Why trauma and stress manifest as pain
• How discovering your true self can relieve pain
• What to do right now to own your pain & get rid of it

Resources From This Episode:

Nichole Connelly – Mystical Medicine Coaching

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