In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Veronique Mead – a former family physician and assistant professor turned trauma therapist who now integrates the research showing how adverse life events effect risk for chronic illness: why it’s not psychological – and what you can do about it. Veronique never realized that she’d experienced adversity until she left medical practice, retrained as a trauma therapist and discovered how adverse life experiences affect health. Learn the impact adverse life experiences have on your genes, the nervous system, the cell danger response & more.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why stress is different than trauma
  • How your experiences effect your genetics
  • How infections, accidents, psychological & emotional trauma are triggers for chronic illness
  • The difference between fight, flight and freeze responses
  • Why chronic fatigue is a manifestation of the freeze response
  • Why repetitively finding comfort is one way to send your body the message that it is safe

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  1. Having been schooled in undergrad from first psych professor, that we cause our illnesses. I knew when he said that back in late sixties he was accurate, but never was the nervous system mentioned at that time. Drove my doctors crazy over the years asking if my pain or illness was not all in my head. He never had said otherwise. So he taught all his students that it was from our head, not from our body which was the truth.

    After years of full known sexual assault trauma and domestic abuse, I knew the limits of PTSD, what trauma can cause, but not realizing that this was not normal until I was old enough to realize this was harmful in poor attachment causing CPTSD.

    At that time in the sixties, CBT took its foot hold in the world, making mind more of a focus as opposed to what was necessary, the autonomic nervous system. Hallelujah to know about it now and hope it does not get buried again.

    CBT has been helpful even though the nervous system was not reinforced at that time except in hypnotheray but still not a greater focus on the nervous system. This began to grow when Somatic Experiencing and EMDR was brought into the realm of therapy.

    Thanks for your story to keep us on track. I no longer ask doctors about the mind opposed to the body, I tell them what I need and ask for the sleuth in them. That did exist better before the sixties but got buried in speciaists need due to increasing of population. The medical professionals needed less of a burden on general practitioners. Now it has gotten out of hand. We need those diagnostician specialists who understand the nervous system, with both medical and mental health knowledge.

    Love your definition of health and adjust to a normal and find our coping abilities both emotionally, psychologically and physiologically. The understanding of this lifetime of fff has resurrected the truth that was buried by territorial issues instead of sharing the truths from all the specialities that keeps going today to assure that no one gets blamed but just sees another way of looking at the whole system from the way were raised.

    Developmental studies, study in child psychology and family systems helps in the ability to see our own evolution of this truths you have spoken of in your interview. Many of us who I have seen early trauma have neuroception in common in our little bodies without the knowledge of what it means to be aware of mind and body. It is easier to understand when awareness of the nervous system augments this healing.

    It is so sad that it evolved when the FFF was part of many studies early on and why it took so long for so many to understand is sad. Now there is no excuse to turn a head away from the need to do a full observation when first meeting a patient or client.

    Was lucky because I was an only child so I had this curiosity from early childhood, but no one there to guide this curiosity but at least the mind was not easily closed in that growth, so we can now expand to a truer world view awaitng a tapping to the spiritual realm which have noticed the neuroception plays a higher definition need to expand to when we have this sense from others around us or family within our genetic connection for starters.

    Sorry for writing so much as of late, but given my age I want it seen somewhere to assure nothing gets buried again, no matter who might find it helpful. this pandemic has made me more cautious of not speaking my own truths since I have been lucky of no one later in life stoping my expansion of learning that often occurs in earlier schooling.

    Thanks to your hope for a wonderful safe healing for the future of humaniy.

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