Peptides are small protein fragments that trigger your body to carry out a specific function or process in the body. Due to your exposure to toxic food, environmental exposures in addition to a stressful lifestyle your body struggles to create the peptides needed to maintain optimal health. Supplementing with peptides is an ideal way to give your body the nudge to reset and rejuvenate it’s natural processes that break down as you age. The internet is full of information on peptides but there’s not a lot on how they benefit ladies with chronic illnesses. So can peptides help ladies with chronic health conditions? You bet! In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Ryan Smith, VP of Sales and co founder of Tailor Made Compounding Pharmacy about the benefits of peptides for ladies with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, adrenal fatigue, MS, sexual dysfunction disorders and more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• The peptide most effective for reducing antibodies against the thyroid
• How you can fight stress and fatigue with a peptide
• Why peptides have minimal side effects and interactions
• Can peptides help ladies treat multiple conditions?

Resources from the Show:
Tailor Made Compounding Pharmacy
1) Thymosin alpha 1 – decreases antibodies in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, effective in helping the immune system fight hepatitis B, C and cancer, can be taken on an as needed basis to treat and prevent colds/flus. Consider this peptide for autoimmune conditions and for use to fight viruses .

2) Thymosin B4 – created naturally in the body when you have an injury or cut as it stimulates soft tissue repair. Great for speeding up the healing process after an injury, brain injuries/concussions, strokes, and heart attacks. Effective for diabetic neuropathy.

3) MOTS-c – this peptide is known for it’s effect on your mitochondria (the factories inside cells that make energy), it increases metabolism and helps with weight loss.

4) CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin – these two peptides together help the body to make more growth hormone. When the body has more growth hormone available better sleep, increased muscle strength, weight loss (not drastic) and skin rejuvenation occur. ** This is the one I have been trying personally and I have seen all of these effects**

5) Epitalon – regulates your sleep and wake cycles as well as your response to stress as it targets your pineal gland. Considered a longevity peptide it has been found to help with increasing your lifespan when taken twice a year for short courses (15-20 days).

6) VIP – this peptide reduces the effects of mold toxicity in the body, lowers high blood pressure, increases heart contractility, can reset brain dysfunction when one has completed mold detox protocols.

7) Liraglutide – GLP1 peptide – this peptide improves insulin sensitivity, it’s trademarked as Victoza and can be prescribed through your doctor if you have type 2 diabetes or are prediabetic. It’s been found to reduce blood sugar, improve hemoglobin A1c numbers, aids in weight loss and resets your sensitivity to insulin. Especially helpful in those who are struggling to lose weight and reduce blood sugars due to insulin insensitivity. Also used in PCOS insulin sensitivity conditions.

8) Vyleesi – PT 141 – is a peptide that may have FDA approval by 6/23/19 for female sexual dysfunction disorders. It improves libido and arousal in females and has been found to do so by 50%. Time from injection to effect varies from 45 minutes to 6 hours so keep that in mind.

9) BPC 157 – this peptide is useful for gut lining repair in the case of leaky gut and for muscle tears, ligament sprains and strains. **I used this personally for a muscle tear and I use it in my office regularly for patients and have seen this speed up injury healing time.**

– There’s always the chance for an allergic reaction so it’s best to try one at a time.
– Do no mix peptides in the same syringe as they can interact with each other so they must be injected one at a time.
– Don’t use peptides with the same actions as they can compete for receptors and prevent them from working all together. ex: tesamorelin and ipamorelin have the same action for helping to promote growth hormone release but when used together they inhibit each other as they compete for the same receptors in the body. Essentially choose one peptide for one function – don’t double up.
– if you are an athlete – check USADA regulations prior to the use of peptides
– only use a compounded pharmacy for your peptides under the supervision of a doctor

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