Do you suspect that you have a broken brain? Fatigue, brain fog, lack of focus, poor memory, insomnia, weight gain, anxiety, irritability and depression are all indications that stress is affecting your brain. All too often people attribute them to a side effect of aging. Many patients come into my office complaining of many of the symptoms I just noted and when we look at brain function the neurochemicals are off. From “flat-lined” neurochemicals to adrenaline off the charts it’s common for me to see this in my fatigued and brain fogged patients. Unfortunately, many of us ignore these common symptoms that tend to show up after certain stressful events that happen in life and push on causing more and more neurochemical imbalances. In this episode Doc J breaks down the series of events that often lead to a broken brain, how to prevent stressful events from breaking your brain and what to do if your brain is already broken. This is the first episode in a four part series dedicated to all the factors that contribute to broken brains and how to manage them to keep the brain up and running at full capacity.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• The compounding events that break your brain
• How society breaks your brain
• Why you need a routine to sustain your brain
• Why you need to pause life to keep stress in check

Resources From This Episode:
Best Day Ever
Routine Planner and Guide
Neurotransmitter and Cortisol Testing – Labrix
NutrEval – Genova

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