Feeling drowsy each morning, struggling to slog through the morning fog? It could be that you’re dehydrated and lacking the brain signals to wake you up effectively.

To wake up naturally our cortisol levels must elevated and our melatonin levels must drop. If we are stressed out and our fight our flight glands, the adrenals, are struggling to maintain balance we might not be able to shut off the high melatonin levels that normally keep us asleep once morning comes.

While we sleep we lose around 1 liter of water, that’s around 33 ounces. Most of us start the day off with coffee or tea, forgetting about water till later in the day. Unfortunately, tea and coffee do not help in rehydrating us.

So combine dehydration with an elevated melatonin level in the morning due to your brain’s circadian rhythms being off and you have the perfect weather pattern for some serious brain fog!

Since we are still cave people and our lives are based on circadian rhythms it’s time to re-set your cave person brain to get your energy back.

Start off each morning sipping on 12 oz of water and increase to 36 oz before you head off to start your day.

Take a walk each morning with your water and soak in the early morning sunlight to shut off the melatonin production.

Make this a routine and you’ll notice increased energy while resetting your cave person circadian sleep and wake cycles.

Jannine Krause

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