Signs of peri-menopause can start 10 years before a women goes through menopause. 

I’m pretty sure no one mentioned this in naturopathic medicine school … so I’m certain it’s not being discussed in conventional medical school either.

In the last month I’ve talked to at least a dozen women, who’ve asked me – “are my symptoms peri-menopause and can I do something about it?”

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I love that podcasts and other social media outlets are getting the word out about peri-menopause and menopause as those over 60 got screwed. 

You and your doctors have been fed a bunch of lies about hormone replacement therapy and it’s high risk of causing cancer.

I get it – I too was fed the fear based stories.

Those stories kept me from recommending bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for the first few years of my practice. 

Till I realized how good you could feel on them. 

How estradiol could restore your recall of word, focus and quick wit. 

The calm anxiety reducing, save you from picking a fight or wanting to divorce your partner effect of progesterone.

Estriol’s magical ability to help with vaginal lubrication and rejuvenation so that women no longer felt like they were taking one for the team. 

The ability to sleep through the night and wake rested.

Every day I talk to women who tell me they finally feel like they got their life back. 

Why would I deny someone this benefit?

I can’t. 

Even if hormones are started before someone’s period stops.

Yes, that’s right – you do not have to go through menopause to start hormones. 

And if you’ve been in menopause for over 10 years you can still try hormones. 

In school I learned not to prescribe bio-identical hormones for women who’ve been in menopause for over 10 years. 

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No one could explain why this “rule” was in place.

This rule is bs. 

I’ve seen women go from barely living to thriving on hormones 15 years after menopause hit.

Relationships, moods, energy, sleep and intimacy improve.

And you don’t need huge dosages to get results!

There are ways to microdose and titrate up on dose accordingly. 

Contrary to what the pharmaceutical companies may have your doctor thinking – there is no one way to provide hormone replacement therapy!

I often blend herbs and bio-identicals to reduce symptoms in peri-menopause then move to full hormone replacement in menopause. 

Everyone is different and protocols can be tailored to your needs.

In the last decade I’ve learned how to tailor hormone supplementation to one’s specific needs vs sticking with cookie cutter protocols. 


With hormone clinics popping up on every corner I’m seeing a lot of people being over-dosed with hormones and experiencing side effects.

This is unnecessary and can be prevented with a little priming of the detox pathways, lymphatic system and gut microbiome before or while starting hormone replacement therapy.

Don’t misunderstand me – starting hormones doesn’t come without a few adjustments and figuring out your sweet spot when it comes to dosing.

There will be some trials to find your dose. 

A healthy gut microbiome, liver and cells to detox hormones effectively is crucial for success. 

Monitoring dosage and effect on the body is necessary.

I’ve learned a lot in the last decade and now that I’m in peri-menopause I’m well aware of the symptoms that present. 

I don’t think any woman should have to endure anxiety, mood swings, memory issues and feel like she’s losing her mind. 

It’s unfair. 

If you’re not feeling 100% and you’re 30+ it’s time to evaluate your hormones. 

Life is too short not to feel your best. 

Know there are options out there that can be tailored to your needs. 

I’ve been asked by quite a few clients recently to do a masterclass on how I approach hormone replacement therapy.

So I decided to record a podcast on it!

My next two podcasts will be dedicated to per-imenopause and my protocols for helping clients prime their systems to get the most out of bio-identical hormones or herbal hormone boosting protocols. 

Stay tuned!

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