Organic whole grains are better, no sprouted grains are better no avoid grains all together for the best health. Which is it? Confused about what gluten is and what it really does to your body? Have you noticed gut issues, skin rashes or puffy eyes a few days after eating a pastry, bread, cereal or crackers? Have you been to Europe or heard from friends that gluten grains are no problem for them over there? What if your issues aren’t from wheat at all but a combination of toxins affecting the gut lining? Doc J breaks down how the mix of gluten rich grains, pesticide rich foods, food additives and alcohol affect the body and why it may be the source of your health issues.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why it’s more than just wheat to blame for gut, skin and mood issues
• Why Einkorn wheat is easier to digest
• How processed foods, food additives, alcohol and pesticides combine in your gut to cause intestinal permeability
• What to do to keep your gut lining healthy and maybe be able to eat wheat again

Resources From This Episode:
What Is Gluten ? – Dr. Amy Myers
Sources of Gluten
What is Celiac Disease?
Get Started with Einkorn
Jovial Foods – flour, cookies, breads
So You Wanna Eat Gluten? – Get some activated charcoal
Bulletproof Charcoal
• Doc J Krause’s Leaky Gut Fix Protocol:
• use L-glutamine 3-9 grams a day – start with 3 grams a day and increase till reach 9 grams a day if you have chronic – Pure Encapsulations Brand – Powder is my favorite.
• use collagen peptides – Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – 2 scoops a day
• Licorice Root Extract (DGL type) by Douglas Labs or Integrative Therapeutics or Marshmallow Root powder – 1 tsp a day in a smoothie – Mountain Rose Herbals
• Probiotics – Dairy-free Pure Encapsulations Brand
Zinc Carnosine – to “de-inflame” the gut – Integrative Therapeutics
The Herbal Answer Aloe
• National Association of Wheat Growers – Wheat Facts
Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s interview with Dr. Mercola
Another Dr. Seneff interview with Dr. Pearlmutter
Equal Exchange Chocolate
Organic Wine Company
Craft Distilleries
Organic Beer

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